Patient care is one of the most selfless and tasking professions in healthcare. However, it is also one of the most important. Good patient care technicians are trained to provide care, support, and comfort to ailing individuals.

Aside from taking care of a patient’s immediate needs, patient care technicians are also trained at various training programs such as  The Patient Care Technician program at Training Direct to perform basic medical duties such as drawing blood and EKG readings, which is a step above CNAs.

There are plenty of patient care technicians out there, but the really good ones are a dime in a dozen. To ensure that you are one of the greats, here are 5 tips for being a good patient care technician:

Always be professional

As a patient care technician, you are charged with the responsibility of helping patients with their most intimate needs. Tasks such as getting dressed, going to the bathroom are all deeply personal. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. Remember that your patients are not at their best so it pays to treat them with compassion, respect, and courtesy.

Avoid distractions

You would be surprised by the number of distractions that one can encounter during the course of the day as a patient care technician. As such, it can be hard to keep track of everything that you are supposed to do which is why you should take every step to avoid being distracted.

Work out and eat healthily

Patient care technicians are some of the busiest individuals in the medical care. Patient care involves taking part in a range of rigorous activities that can be tasking on the body and the mind. As a patient care technician, you will probably be forced to stay on your feet all day and you are also required to remain alert. There are also instances where you will be asked to do some heavy lifting. These responsibilities and more are all reasons why the best patient care technicians always ensure that they are fit and healthy which entails eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.

Anticipate needs

Your patients may not always be in a position to communicate their needs effectively. As such, when there are no family members around, you will be responsible for anticipating their needs and handling them without being told verbally.

Be patient

Patient care technicians tend to have a lot of bad days because it is never easy dealing with ailing charges - it can take a toll on your emotions and your mind. Although it is sometimes easier said than done, you should exercise patience in all things. Many of your charges may not be able to take care of themselves which means moving at a slower pace than usual. Part of your job is to be as patient with them as you can so that they can move towards recovery.

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