An increasing number of people is the western world is having problems with obesity. Most of them are aware of the problem but fail to lose weight. This is not because of a lack of knowledge but because of a lack of discipline. Here you will find 5 tips which will help you improve in that matter.
1. Motivate yourself on a daily basis
Your brain is lazy and it starts to forget fast. One day you feel an urgent need to lose weight, because maybe you got rejected by a girl/boy. The next day the pain is nearly gone and a cup of ice cream looks way more charming than working out and eating clean.
What you need to do is to remember yourself how you felt when you took the decision to lose weight. Picture the moment and conserve the feeling. Place reminders all over your place in form of notes, so you never forget. This sounds like torture but will lead you to your goal.
2. Create grocery shopping lists
It’s simple. If there is only healthy stuff in your fridge, it’s easy to eat healthy food. If you have candy bars all over the place, chances are that you will eat them. Because of this you should start creating a shopping list. If you do this in a calm moment, you know what kind of food is good or bad for you. Strictly stick to your shopping list and it will be much easier to avoid cheating on your diet.
3. Measure your progress
Losing weight takes time and it is a slow process. If you check the mirror on a daily basis, you will not be able to see the small differences. I advise you to take a picture when you start your track, so you got a good and objective comparison.
Another good way to go is using a body fat monitor. Some of them can be synced with your smartphone and visualize your progress over time.
4. Build a sporty peergroup
People follow habits and they are being influenced by their peergroup. Chances are high, that your friends are like you and follow bad habits. You should start to hangout with people who live a healthy lifestyle, workout and eat clean. This will have a huge impact on you are your behavior.
5. Find joy in being active
Your mind can be actively influenced. Put yourself in front of the mirror and speak out loud that you love sport. You will feel very awkward but if you repeat this process again and again it will become true. When you go for a run, tell yourself that you enjoy it. Before working out you should tell yourself, that you are excited for the session and that it will bring joy and health to your mind and body.


Author's Bio: 

Frederic Kärschner is a nutrition specialist and fitness instructor at FlexxFitness. He writes about health, food, fitness and weightloss.