Use of social media is rising day by day. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are busy online platforms where people love to spend most of their free time. Online platforms are the place to communicate a message as an organization. It is very relevant to be active and visible on many social media channels as an organization. But if the message does not have the right impact, it will not come across properly. What can you do as an organization to make the most of the power of social media? How do you ensure that these channels are used as successfully as possible? Below are five social media tips.

1. Focus on interaction
Some organizations still use social media as a one-way channel. The word "social" does not stand for nothing in "social media". Social media are an excellent way to create more involvement by talking to your target group. Involvement means, in short, that (potential) customers get a positive image when they think of your organization. A higher involvement ensures that followers are inclined to follow you and read your posts. Businesses also emphasizes this in his blog about the best time and content of a social media post. So use social media to enter into the dialogue. Monitor what is happening among the target group and try to actively respond to these issues. In addition, it is also effective to start a discussion. But remember that you are not completely bombing your followers with your posts. After all, it's about the content.

2. Use a conversational human voice
Now the question is, how do you communicate with your targeted group? It is important which tone of voice you use on social media. In particular, the human tone, also called the conversational human voice in the literature, appears to have a positive effect on customer relations with organizations. This is a natural, friendly and informal style of online communication.

Social media engagement where the human tone is clearly expressed in the message, can help an organization to a higher degree of involvement and a better reputation. Especially in the time of social media, everyone is used to communicating in a human tone. So leave that formal, corporate tone behind and your target group will not bother you with jargon and management language. A conversational human voice really works!

3. Contestions: yay or nay?
Screaming crazy probably get you all those Like, share and win promotions. Nevertheless, a contest can help you reach your target group. Make sure that the action is clear and simple. For example, do users have to tag friends? Or like the message? If you ensure that your message generates enthusiasm instead of irritation, such a giveaway can be very effective. Use the power of social media and actively get started with these channels. Using social media channels as a business card where you present and promote your organization is not enough. Use social media as an interactive platform. Provide your customers with interesting articles and news. If you occasionally organize a giveaway, social media can be a very effective way to create more involvement.

4. Use visual content
One of the most popular trends in social media is the use of visual content. This trend does not seem to stop for the time being. Images do very well in generating interaction, as opposed to long stories on Facebook for example. Being active on social media goes beyond just being present and posting and sharing interesting textual content. Also make sure that you share attractive and relevant visual content. According to Imapro.In (a social media marketing company in Bahrain), these can be (product) photos, informative images such as infographics or for example team photos.

5. Provide variation in your content
Last but not least, it is important that you vary in your content. Your target group can get bored if you place the same thing each time, such as asking a question, an image or a nice video. Provide surprise elements and, for example, respond to current events. Do you find it difficult to let go of your creativity? Look at how other companies use social media.

As an organization, think carefully about how you want to use social media. Social media require a considerable time investment, but it pays to look at this critically. The social media tips in this blog can help you make the most of the power of social media.

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Misty Jhones