Almirah is a useful furniture unit for equipping the bedrooms with storage furniture for storing several different things, such as clothing, bedding, and many more extra items.

These almirah variants are also available in stylistically good-looking designs useful for making the interiors look adorable. This furniture unit is available in a variety of different options viz, one door almirah, two-door almirah, and three-door almirah.

While one door almirah is for minimal storage, and a three-door almirah provides for a huge amount of storage. While a two-door almirah is a unit that best fits any normal size of the room and, serves the generic usage of the almirah in your home.

An almirah comes in a number of varieties, and it can be a different kind of aesthetics, wood quality, type of arrangement, sizes, and prices. With these many varieties of almirahs available in the market, it would be a hassle-full task to choose the unit that best suits your needs.

Considering the different aspects related to the buying of an almirah, it would be better to follow a guide, if you want to buy the unit of furniture that satiates all your needs.

In the following points, I have mentioned some of the points that make your buying experience convenient.

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Wooden Almirahs: A Buying Guide

Measuring the Dimensions of the Place :
Sizing up the place before you decide to equip it with any type of an almirah, would give you a better idea of the dimensions of the furniture unit. This would help you to buy the unit that does not clutter your interiors, simultaneously providing ample space to store all your essentials.

Choosing the Wood Quality that Lasts Long :
Wooden almirahs are available in the market in a variety of different wood qualities. Hardwoods, such as Mango and Sheesham, are well-known for their grain strength and impart long-lasting durability to the wooden almirahs. It would be better to go for hardwood-made units because an almirah is a one-time investment which serves you for many years.

Aesthetics that match the Theme of the Interiors :
Wooden almirahs are available in the market in a variety of different stylish patterns crafted over the surface of the unit. The wooden almirahs also look good with the unique shades of superior wooden finishes, which are available in a number of options such as walnut, honey, mahogany, teak, and natural finish.

Selecting Capacity that Fits Your Usage :
The almirahs are available in different options of capacities. Some of the units have a tall design, while others have a short design. As per your use, you can use the almirah that best fits your interiors.

Some of the almirahs have hanging space, while others have space to keep clothing in a folded and organized manner. Some of the units also have lockers to keep valuables inside them. As per the storage and the types of things, one needs to store in the almirah can be easily selected.

Setting A Predetermined Budget Limit :
Setting a budget limit for an almirah would help you make better decisions regarding other things. But also, keep in mind that, go for the unit which fits in your budget without compromising on the quality.


An almirah is a useful furniture unit for offering a useful storage unit in the bedrooms. Also, the wooden almirahs are available in unique-looking aesthetics giving the interiors a phenomenal look. This furniture unit differs in their aesthetics, sizes, shelving, wood quality, and a number of different other aspects. Considering a buying guide, such as the one mentioned above, would absolutely ease your hassle.

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