5 Trips to Take Before Turning 30

Some people may say life begins after you’re 40, but we say you shouldn’t waste another minute. When you’re young and in the prime of life, time seems to be ticking by faster and faster. You may even feel like you’re missing out on travel and adventure opportunities.

We know how this feels, and that’s why we’ve selected a few places you must visit during your best years. Here are five trips you’ll be grateful to have taken before your long-awaited 30s.

Aloha, Oahu!

Hawaii is a universal destination for those looking to experience a long-deserved rest in idyllic beaches, stay in luxurious hotels, and drop by premium outlets before diving into an energetic nightlife. Oahu is the third largest hawaiian island, and it’s the home of state capital Honolulu, where you’ll be delighted by friendly surf beaches and maybe even go on fancy shopping sprees where calm sandy grounds meet the lively urban life. It’s a beautiful contrast that meets even the most peculiar of tastes.

The neighborhood of Waikiki is one you should prioritize--it’s well-known worldwide for Waikiki Beach and magnificent resorts like the Hilton Hawaiian Village. If you’re feeling sophisticated, a night out doesn’t get any better than indulging in tasty traditional dishes in waterfront bars with your partner or with family.

Feel the love in Santorini

When viewed through pictures, Santorini (or Thira) looks almost too good to be true. Its sinuous landscape took form due to intense volcanic activity in the 14th century BC, and the chalk-white buildings contrast beautifully with the vibrant blue skies, overlooking the glistening waters of the Aegean sea from the caldera edge.

It’s no wonder the island is a coveted wedding getaway--watching the sunsets paint the whiteness gold, treating yourselves to traditional mouthwatering cuisine, and dipping into clear waters is just waiting to become one of the most memorable experiences with your loved one. If you’re already married, no worries! Santorini promises to reinvigorate any passionate bond.

View Florida from a different angle

Depending on where you are right now, the Sunshine State might not be too far off, and that’s just one more reason to book your next adventure!

We’re not talking about theme parks, but you’ll definitely get thrills going parasailing near Singer Island. The waters in south Florida look astonishing when viewed from above, as you safely soar and follow the breeze up in the immense blue sky. Scared of heights? You can take two more people to live this amazing experience with you. The ride is so safe even kids can enjoy it, making the Singer Island peninsula the perfect vacation spots for adults and little ones alike.

Travel in time -- visit Machu Picchu!

It’s time to stop viewing the stony temples of Machu Picchu as a history book and go witness this wonder of the world with your own eyes.

The preserved buildings of this Inca citadel located high up the Andes date back 600 years, allowing you to step into the past and explore this ancient and veiled city protected by the mighty mountain of Huayna Picchu, which tourists can climb during their sightseeing if they book it in advance. Reaching the top of the Huayna usually takes an hour, and isn’t recommended for those who feel lightheaded when experiencing heights. It’s also best to be in good shape in order to make the most out of your adventurous experience--therefore, the younger you are, the better.

Accommodations like The Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge will make your historical living complete with classically adorned rooms with jaw-dropping mountainous views.

Discover Amsterdam

Here’s to the art and culture aficionados who are tired of clichés. Stroll away from central Amsterdam to discover quaint Moco Museum and its exclusive contemporary art inventory, historical breweries, and all kinds of inspiring places that are unique to the region and will treat you to the finest concepts in art and music.

From rare botanical gardens to authentic food spots, venturing away from the crowd will give you the best of Amsterdam’s hidden treasures.

The earlier you quench your thirst for travel and excitement, the more time you’ll have at your disposal to get visit far-flung places. Don’t let years pass you by, and start living your best life right now.

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A freelance writer with a BA in English from Sarah Lawrence College.