TV Units in the present day have not just been stuck to home to the TV, but have been an active participant to boom a home with fanciness.
Below are some of the exemplary of such wall mount TV unit designs:
Open Shelving Wall Mount TV Unit Design
Open shelving wall mounted TV unit designs are no less than a showcase to the abode. The shelves around the TV unit gives ample space to decorate your favorites.
You can array your photo frames, showpieces, clocks, etc. over it. So, this may come up as an astounding place to cover a whole wall with style via wall mounted TV unit designs.
Multi-Colored Wall Mount TV Unit Design
It is not just compulsory that a wall mounted TV unit design needs to be one that is wooden and flat. Instead of adding a combination on a wall that contrasts well with the theme of the entire abode is in, in today’s modern era.
So, you can use some bright and blissful combination of colors on the wall to vamp behind your TV.
P.S. If you do not have much ventilation and windows in your living room then you should look forward to a bright wall mount TV unit. You can pick a combination of yellow and white, pink and blue or white and green which are comparatively light and lit for a wall mounted TV unit design.
Also, you can be thematic in the entire abode with a combination of a wall mounted TV unit designs with a wall that contrasts with the entire home furnishing. So, this will give an entirely different aura when you step in your living room.
Embossed Wall Mount TV Unit Design
Embossed wall mount TV Unit design is a savior for a TV Unit that is neat and tidy. An embossed TV unit design is one that is like a box that is framed on the wall.
The panel behind the TV acts as a lid that you can open to access the switch and tall wires of a TV. In this way, the TV unit gives a gaze of a wall mounts TV unit design that arrays a TV.
You can also make the embossed box with a contrast of white and wooden finish or any other combination to give it a distinct appeal. So, you have a wall mount TV unit design that can bind all the mess inside for a display that is clean and captivating.
Lighted Wall Mount TV Unit Design
In simple words, this wall mount TV unit design is a halo behind the TV and on the wall. A solid wood wall mounted TV unit Design with a halo is the most leisurely style to array a lavish wall mount TV Unit.
All that it takes is an embossed wall mounted panel where you can place the TV and some open shelves to vamp on the wall. On the shelves, you can decorate your favorites or showpieces that boost the wall mounts.
Lastly, all you have to do is drop some LED lights behind the wooden panel. When you light it, there is a halo that blooms the entire wooden wall mounted TV unit design.
Storage Wall Mount TV Unit Design
Storage wall mounted TV unit design is one that can fill the living room with comfort, style and its charm of good looks. You can vamp a solid wood storage wall mount TV unit design that holds every storage from shelves to drawers to showcase.
You can forge a wall mount TV unit design with storage drawers beneath the TV. On one side, you can try a curio display, and on the other, you can vamp some open shelves.
This will give a fully loaded wall mount TV unit design with ample and distinct storage to play with.

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