Black suits are all time favorites among men. Whether it’s a job interview or a corporate dinner, you would always love to don a classic look in a black suit. However, there are a few etiquette of wearing a black suit that a man should always follow in order to flaunt a style, which is never loud or boring.

Here are 5 important tips that you need to keep your mind while styling your black suit:

1. The basics of a black suit

Indeed, there is no dearth of style that you can choose for your black suit. A single-breasted style is for a classic look, and you can wear it most of the time. On the other hand, one button with a notch lapel gives you a versatile style. If you go with more regular collar, you will get a beautiful casual style black suit.
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2. The fabric
The medium-weight wool is often considered the best fabric for a black suit. A matte finish is more suitable than choosing a shiny fabric. A textured fabric will suit the most on people with a fairer skin tone. If a fabric is too heavy, it may appear harsher on a person with a lighter skin tone. Also, you should avoid contrast stitching that may cheapen your style.

3. The shirt color
A white shirt is always a popular choice that most men prefer to wear with a black suit. Other light colors, like cream and pale grey will also go well with a black suit. A shirt with a medium spread collar will always be considered the best fit. However, the shirt style largely depends upon the facial shape of an individual.

4. Choosing the best tie
If you are wearing a white shirt with your black coat, a black or blue tie is perhaps the best choice to flaunt a classic look. For a change, you may also choose a burgundy tie. Plain ties are more preferable, though micro patterns can also look good on formal occasions. A grey-knitted tie is more suitable for a smart casual dressing.

5. The color of your shoes
For a classic style, black or navy shoes will always work when you are donning a black suit. A pair of well-polished black suit will always enhance your looks. Chelsea boots or sneakers can be suitable for a simple, clean and casual style.

A black suit simply suits most men on the planet. However, the physique, facial structure, occasion and purpose may determine the best black suit style for any individual. Our tailor masters are capable of designing the best black suit for your classic looks.

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