As the year comes to it’s halfway mark, it is time to reevaulate some of our decisions and think about our resolutions for the year. Have you been eating healthy and going to the gym regularly? What about those regular running and yoga sessions you said you would do?

Don’t fret if you haven’t done any of these things yet, or have come just a bit short of your goals.

It’s tough to make positive lifestyle changes in one year! You need to stay informed and be able to create the environment and diet that can really keep you moving in a good direction.

Whether it is diet advice or learning how to best eliminate negative things from you currently do, the important thing to remember is to keep looking for mentors. Are you looking to learn how to best perfect your form in the gym? Maybe you want to work on going vegan, or perhaps the ketogenic diet and it’s suggested benefits catches your eye.

Whatever you decide to pursue to better yourself and your health should always be backed up by learning from the best. People who are the top of their field, who have already done the task and can show you the steps they take to implement it in your own life. Learn from the mistakes of olympians, of doctors, and of physiotherapists that are have taken the same steps and came out on top.

As we enter the summer in July 2018, let’s consider what Canadian experts in the health and wellness sector consider to be the top trends and advice to follow, moving into the rest of the year and longer.

Physiomed has polled 50 notable health influencers from Canada and the United States on what it takes to be healthy in 2018. Learn what their number one factors besides the standard “diet and exercise” are to really get a jumpstart on your health for 2019.

So put your bad habits beside and dive into the top tips from 50 experts.

How many experts do you know below? The list will surprise you!

Let’s get it started:

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