Even with postcard printing services that automate your direct mail marketing, you should still put considerable effort in your campaign. Unlike flyers or brochures, your postcard is intended to be seen as a personal correspondence between you and your customer more than a mere advertisement.

Here are a few tips on how to personalize your postcards:

1. Use the exact name of your prospects.

Your customers want to be seen as more than just mere statistics on your mailing list or ledger. They want to see their names to know that your message is specifically for them and not something that just found its way to their mail box.

Getting the exact name and address is much easier though with mailing lists. The trick is simply to purchase one from your postcard printer that includes your prospects name and mailing details.

2. Handwrite your text.

In the world of electronic mail and impersonal advertising, a handwritten postcard is sure to stand out. Handwritten cards are far more interesting and eye catching than standard postcards that look printed en masse.

It may be a lot of hard work, but it will pay off eventually when the customer realizes and appreciates the attention you put in the individual pieces. If it’s too cumbersome to do, scan the message in your handwriting and use it for your cards. You can simply handwrite the name and the address.

3. Use a friendly and casual tone.

Being exposed on average to 3,000 advertisements a day, consumers can discern easily discern the hype and exaggerations. In contrast with talking in a friendly, casual tone, you can be enthusiastic about your products without sounding too much like a marketer.

Use simple language, but be upfront with your intentions. Better yet, include the local colloquial terms that will surely endear your customers.

4. Sign Your Name

Your signature is a powerful reminder that there is a real person behind the postcard. Even if you’re a stranger to them, placing your signature verifies and validates the postcard giving it a greater degree of credibility. At least they know you are accountable for the message in the postcard.

The P.S. before signing your name is a great area to place your call to action. Ask your customer to visit your store, click on your website, or even to look for you if they need anything. Include your contact information and end with your signature.

5. Buy stamps.

Bulk mail can be printed with an Indicia or a postal mark. This may be convenient, but putting stamps will increase the overall impact of your card. As stamp collectors may attest, they have historical value and make your correspondence far more interesting.

Postcard printers can easily replace and automate much of the tedious work associated with direct-mail-marketing. Online printing will even allow you to order, design, and mail your postcards without leaving your office. But the appeal of postcards is the personality and the amount of effort you place in your prints.

Many postcard printing services will make your direct-mail marketing campaign efficient and convenient, but the personal touch you give can go a long way in tugging at your customer’s heart strings.

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