It is true that aluminum is not the cheapest material available in the market but it does not need expensive maintenance that other cheap materials may require. In fact, it requires no maintenance. It is easy to use and needs only a few minutes to be installed. A wooden ramp, on the other hand, may need hours to be installed and maintained. If you are looking for a long-lasting and easily accessible commercial handicap ramp, aluminum is the best bet for you. Still you are not convinced about the efficiency of aluminum? We have listed some valid reasons that will demonstrate efficiency of wheelchair ramps.

Listed below are the features that make aluminum the best option for wheelchair ramps:

1. Slip-resistant

The best thing about aluminum wheelchair ramp is its non-slipping deck that helps the wheelchairs balances the traction when it is raining or snowing. The ramp material boosts decking with grooves that run from one side to another side of the ramp. Whenever you are using an aluminum ramp, the chances of accidents due to slippery steps are really less. It increases the safety of wheelchair users. Other materials such as wood may get slippery when wet. Therefore, these ramps may need grip tape while aluminum ramps don’t need grip tape. Grip tape needs maintenance as well. If you use grip tape, then you need to replace it frequently so that it won’t get worn and lose its grip.

2. Strong & lightweight

Aluminum has a maximum strength ratio as it can be compared against other materials in terms of strength. Still, it is much lighter than other wheelchair ramp materials. Being lightweight, aluminum products, both commercial and residential wheelchair ramp, are ideal for using with handicap devices. These are easy to assemble and you can move it anywhere if needed.

3. Flexible

Modular aluminum ramps have flexible platform legs and ramp section legs. That’s why even uneven ground will have no to low impacts on the levelness of the wheelchair ramps. Wood and other ramp materials, on the other hand, are bot able to be adjusted once they are installed. Steel and iron may get rust; therefore, legs made of these materials are not flexible as well.

4. Easy assemble feature

Aluminum is lightweight and easily portable. Therefore, it can be easily assembled anytime and anywhere. This feature has increased its demand in the existing marketplace.

5. Quick fixation

Even if you face any problem while using the aluminum commercial handicap ramp, you will be able to fix it as soon as possible.

6. Higher resale value

Now you need the ramps but it does not mean that you will need it even in the long run. If you feel you no more need the ramp, you are allowed to sell the ramps. Aluminum wheelchair ramps have higher resale value.

No other wheelchair ramps will provide you with so many benefits the way aluminum provides. Therefore, without any doubt, you should immediately bring aluminum wheelchair ramps for commercial premises.

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The author is the lead copywriter of a renowned commercial handicap ramps supplier company. He has been associated with this company for long. Therefore, he takes in keen interest in manufacturing and supplying ramps. He pens down a lot of blogs on residential wheelchair ramp.