You don’t get married every day, so it’s natural that you want that day to be special in every way. Here are some ideas to help you make an unforgettable event out of your wedding.

Unique decor

When you dance on a thin line between budget and wishes, the decor is the first thing that suffers. But it does not have to be that way. DIY is the new black, so use yours, and the creativity of your friends to make custom pieces of decoration that will reflect you and your future spouse. For example, decorations on the tables, as well as presents for your guests can be made of photos and drawings of your best moments. DIY presents are always better than the usual ones, and also, they can match your wedding theme.

Themed wedding

We are not talking about some usual themes, no! Choose your favorite movie, cartoon or a book, and organize a wedding inspired by it. Today, staying away from the usual ‘rules’ will not make you a weirdo. On the contrary, it will make your wedding unique and unforgettable.

Bride and groom in Superman and Wonder Woman costumes, or bridesmaids dressed like Disney princesses, it’s all up to you. After all, don’t forget, it’s your day.

Memorize the moment

There is no better way to keep the memory of your special day alive than by taking photos of it. However, no matter how hard you try to make your ceremony one-of-a-kind, sometimes weddings can look similar in photos. That is why you need to find the right photographer for your wedding. You probably want to avoid all those stiff poses and forced smiles. An experienced photographer will know how to blend into the crowd and take amazing candid shots. They also have many unique ideas that can take your wedding photos to a whole new level. Opting for professionals such as Daniel Griffiths Photography can provide you with exceptional photos that will make you happy every time you look at them.


Every parent knows that bringing kids to an event like a wedding is a double-edged sword. Long official parts where they have to sit still will make them nervous, and there are also numerous fragile things that are just ‘calling’ to them. You can easily solve this problem by organizing a special room for kids, and hiring a wedding nanny or childcare services. This way, parents can relax and enjoy the ceremony, while their young ones are safely playing or doing something creative.

Quiet Lounge

There are a few reasons why you must have a quiet lounge. Firstly, some of your guests might want to talk to each other and socialize without screaming in their interlocutor’s ears. Also, even those who like dancing and having fun need a ‘pit stop’ where they can refresh and collect strength for another round. Fill that place with couches, sofas, and chairs, and if you want to raise it to another level, place the bar with food and beverages inside.


Napoleon said that the army marches on its stomach, and we can say that the same rule applies to your guests. Keeping the guests waiting too long for the food can make them nervous, and a few drinks on an empty stomach are never a good idea. On the other hand, too much food will make your guests sluggish and certainly not in a mood for dancing. So you are probably wondering what to do? Think about serving starters and some finger food as soon as the guests arrive, and keep it going until the main course. The main course should then be smaller, but less food on the plate gives you more options for decorating. This way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone: your guests will be well fed, and your main course will look amazing.

As you can see, besides the usual decor, music and drinks, there are a few other things to consider for an unforgettable wedding reception. Some of these tips can easily be incorporated into your own reception, so why not let your imagination run wild and think of something even more creative and unique?

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