Behind a cup of good tea, it reveals that from planting tea trees, harvesting tea cyanine, brewing tea leaves. Every link is handled with the most delicate attitude.

What is the standard of good tea? Just like the multi-faceted world of the tea ceremony, everyone likes it and is different. What makes a cup of tea good is different for everyone.

Good tea in the conventional sense should include the following:

First, the soup color is translucent.

This is the most intuitive criterion for judging whether it is good tea. Regardless of whether the tea soup is red, green, black, white, or yellow, the key is to "translucent". In addition to being pleasing to the eyes, the translucent soup also states:

1. The tea production process is excellent, without breaking.

2. The storage conditions are good, there is no dust and no mildew.

3. The tea contains abundant substances and is well released.

4. Science of brewing method. Sometimes, due to brewing, it makes the good tea appear turbid, such as the water temperature is too high, and more than one tea uses the high brewing method.

Second, the bitter taste spreads from the tongue, not converges.

Not bitter or astringent is not tea, bitterness is the nature of tea, but the key lies in whether it can quickly dissipate. If the bitter taste stays in the mouth, the so-called "staring at the tongue" should not be regarded as good tea. Some people are good at this, it can only be regarded as a personal subjective standard.

Third. No smell, strange smell, water smell.

1. Odor means that it is not the taste of the tea itself, generally because the tea absorbs other tastes during the production and storage process, such as perfume or cosmetics, smoke, and other off-flavors. Because the adsorption of tea is very good, we must pay attention to the production and storage. Once the odor is absorbed, it can hardly be removed, and even the best tea is destroyed.

2. Strange smell refers to the unpleasant taste of tea itself, such as musty. There are some uncomfortable flavors that cannot be expressed in language. Some people say that this is the special feature of this tea. Don’t listen to his gibberish. The strange smell often indicates that this tea has a problem. There are harmful substances, such as aflatoxin, which are harmful to health.

3. Water taste refers to the separation of tea taste and water taste, with a slightly fishy taste. Water taste often appears when the tea soup is lightened, good tea will not separate the tea, light and not fishy.

Fourth, fresh leaves.

The leaf bottom of a good tea, no matter which of the six tea types, freshness is a common feature, and the leaf bottom is fresh.

1. The raw materials of tea are good. The leaf bottom is the reduction of tea green.

2. The tea production process is good, and the tea has not been killed.

3. Make the tea properly and let the tea leaves fully brewed, but the tea is not cooked and stuffy.

Fifth. Good tea can't have harmful substances such as agricultural residues.

This is the bottom line of good tea. Drinking tea can't ignore the healthy nature of tea in order to satisfy appetite. Resolutely resist tea that exceeds pesticide residues, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Six. Good tea makes people happy.

Don’t think that this is a subjective standard. Good tea makes people happy because the aromatic substances and certain ingredients in good tea will promote the secretion of dopamine, which will make people feel happy and clear-headed. Drink more and more depressed.

So when you are not sure of the above standards, consider this as the only standard. After all, tea is liked by almost all countries and nations in the world, not by education, but by the essence of tea: drinking tea makes Feel comfortable.

Not necessarily cheap tea is not good, and not necessarily expensive tea is impeccable; the selling price of tea actually depends on many factors, blindly pursuing high-priced tea, often lost in the vast sea of tea. Improve your tea buying skills. Soon, you will also form the tea ceremony in your heart. You have a good opinion on how to applaud a cup of tea.

For tea drinkers, no amount of standards can be good. A cup of tea, a cup of good tea, the important thing is to taste.

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