Summer time calls for an exclusive dressing style that not only looks great but also keeps you cool on the go. Winters, on the other hand, mandate layers and layers of clothing to keep you warm. It is the season in the middle that is most difficult to navigate, especially if you don’t like being seen in anything less befitting the weather.

For the tricky midseason spell, where it is sunshine daisies one moment and threatening to rain the next, here are six fashion essentials that you absolutely must have. Use the Hush promo code to avail exciting discounts on your purchases. In all honesty, these are quite some lifesavers in moments of trial.

1. Tank Top

These are predominantly worn during the summer time but they are of unparalleled value during the autumn season. For one, these can be paired with almost every other pieces of fashion wear. You can throw on a blazer or a stole and still look rather ravishingly smart. Moreover, particularly when you’ve dressed for a chilly night and it refuses to follow suit, you can always remove the extra layers and flaunt your tank tops without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

2. Light Jacket

There’s nothing more stylishly vintage that the perfect jacket. This versatile piece of clothing offers protection from harsh weather conditions while making the wearer look highly sophisticated. Leather jackets build a rather stern appearance. Jeans jackets are timelessly fashionable. And anything else that you can find fitting this description will likely elevate your look significantly. These come in all lengths so pick something that you’re most comfortable with.

3. Scarf

The good old scarf does not only keep your neck warm and cover your hair in times of distress, it also sways rather elegantly when you’re caught by wind. Light floral prints are a definite hit with pretty much everything. But if you’re fan of dark colors, you’ll find that these scarves go just as well. You may think this piece of fashion clothing has no use; you’ll be surprised how drastically it can turn around your appearance.

4. A pair of Jeans

Everybody loves wearing jeans. It is not just an informal attire, it may even be considered appropriate for formal settings by some millennial companies. Make sure you choose your colors sensibly so that you can pair it with different tops. A dark and a light pair is a must. But if you think it is necessary, get your hands on any color in between. You won’t feel bad about it, ever.

5. Long Skirts

The good thing about skirts is they conform to the silhouette of the wearer. They attract and keep attention. This block of color(s) can complete your look effortlessly. Shorter skirts are generally considered appropriate for formal wear. At the same time, long skirts expose less of your legs so if it decides to be a cold day all of a sudden, you won’t find yourself shivering in a corner. Especially during the trick season, get your hands on a pair of long skirts that augment your style while offering comfort.

6.Mid-length Boots

Anybody who has ever been in the streets to ogle at fashion items will agree how extraordinarily ravishing boots are. There’s a reason why women fall head over heels for this fashion item. It is not only the exquisite look but also the practical utility of this footwear. Mid-length boots are not too high to look like party wear and not too low to be mistaken for normal shoes. These offer comfort combined with stylish looks to help you ace the autumn season attire for sure.

In the end, fashion is all about being comfortable without looking like an eyesore. Pajamas are comfortable yet inappropriate for outdoors. Dresses make you look feminine and attractive. Find what suits you and stick to it; the weather is going to get tough very soon. Happy shopping!

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.