Karwa Chauth is a Hindu festival celebrated in India wherein every wife keeps a fast from sunrise to moonrise for her husband's long life. However, this ritual of Karva Chauth has evolved and nowadays even husbands fasts for their wive's longevity. In fact, unmarried women have also started celebrating this festival with full devotion. So, if your girlfriend also keeps the Karva Chauth fast for you then, she must be really expecting a Karva Chauth gift from you. Therefore, if you want to reciprocate the love and make her feel special on Karva Chauth, check out these thoughtful Karva Chauth gifts that she will really appreciate:

Cosmetic Gift Hamper
If your girlfriend is a make up lover then, gifting her a cosmetic hamper on Karwa Chauth will make an excellent choice. If you have no knowledge about what cosmetics she wear or would prefer then, just try to recall if she ever discussed with you about the kind of lipsticks or nail paints or eyeshadow she wants to own. This will help you in picking a great cosmetic hamper for her.

A Box Of Chocolates
What can be a better Karwa Chauth gift for girlfriend other than a delicious box of chocolates? Yes, when it will be the time to break the fast, she will be really hungry and at that moment, some delicious chocolates will uplift her mood and sweeten up your bond with her. There are a variety of chocolates available in the market, don’t forget to pick her favorites out of them.

A Personalized Gift
Personalized gifts are always a little extra special than other kinds of gifts because these gifts show the recipient that you have put a thought before choosing a gift for him or her. So, you can go with any kind of personalized Karwa Chauth gift and make your girlfriend feel special. Be it a personalized lamp or a personalized tabletop or a personalized mug, anything will surely make your girlfriend feel special.

A Refreshing Spa Hamper
Keeping a fast for the entire day without even drinking water is not easy at all. It can bring stress, anxiety, and fatigue to your girlfriend. So, when the fast will end, she will be wanting something that can take away all the stress. So, gifting a refreshing spa hamper to her will be an excellent idea because it will show your girlfriend how much you care about her.

Gift Card For Beauty Salon
If you want to bring a beaming smile on your girlfriend’s face on the festival of Karwa Chauth then, gift her something that she will surely love. How about a gift card for a beauty salon? Can anything be better than this for a girl? She will surely jump out joy and give you hug for giving her such a thoughtful gift on Karwa Chauth.

A Statement Necklace
Talk about any types of jewelry, every woman will appreciate you. And, since you guys are unmarried, don’t go for the traditional jewelry but you can definitely go for a stylish jewelry like a statement necklace. So, if your girlfriend too loves accessorizing then, she will really appreciate if you give her a stylish statement necklace to her on Karva Chauth.

So, now that you have an idea of what your girlfriend will possibly love on Karva Chauth, hurry up to buy a Karwa Chauth gift for her.

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This post has been written by Shashank Sinha, an all time social media addict who usually write posts related to florists in India and across the India. In this post, he has shared some thoughtful Karwa Chauth gift ideas for your girlfriend.