We begin with the most complicated and the most subjective of the precepts to respect! We all agree that dressing exclusively in black, white or beige is not the best.

We are, so to speak, all in agreement when it comes to identifying an outfit that lacks balance but it is much more complicated to deal with what we have in his closet.

Even if it is still a matter of taste, there are still some golden rules that can guide you at the beginning, the time to be able to free yourself to fly on your own.You can checkout
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As for the choice of colors, we must first of all refer to the color of his skin and his hair. Having clear skin and a clear face will often mean avoiding too dark colors that would contrast too much with your face.

On the other hand, if you have dark skin and dark hair, too light colors would have the same effect. Then, it is important to work on colors that can balance between them, either because they are close (navy blue and light blue), or because they are opposite but can match (navy blue and beige

These compositions are essential because they make it possible not to finish in monochrome itinerant, appearing only one and same color on the whole of our outfit. An aesthetic horror!

It is also interesting to vary the materials, between leather, jeans, cotton, linen or jersey. This will really support your color choices by adding texture to your outfit.

To conclude, I will talk about color reminders, this little detail that will show who knows how to see the time and the application you have dedicated to your outfit!

A brown belt will make it easier to integrate brown shoes to your outfit just like a tie color.

Finally just enjoy yourself, and if the colors you wear are similar to you, you follow these rules and you go thoroughly, everything will be fine!

Choose clothes at your size:

This seems to be the basis of everything, and yet it is far from always the case! There are many who are seen in the streets with the pants in the middle of the buttocks, without even doing it on purpose.

This kind of look can lend itself to some models of pants but when it is not for, it shows! Be careful to choose its size and the cut according to its morphology. Too wide, too tight, too big or legs too short, we really quickly missed his purchase of pants by inattention and it's not great! Especially when we see the price of some badly worn pants.

This observation applies of course to all the clothes that can be worn and the pants are no exception. It is true that being a little wrapped does not help to wear clothes close to the body, but wearing too large will never hide your shape but will tend to do the opposite!

It is necessary to find the happy medium and especially to be at ease in his clothes, it is one of the keys of well-being. As for the jackets now, and more particularly the suit jackets, it is more than ever relevant to talk about the size! If, at one time, long and slightly wide jackets could be tolerated, it would be clearly considered a taste fault today!

A jacket must be adjusted while leaving a certain range of motion to the wearer, this flexibility that we all need to not look like a penguin. Then, the length of the jacket itself is important and must be chosen according to the tastes of each.

As for the sleeves, they must reveal the shirt, especially if you wear cufflinks and it is bad taste to have the wrists and half of the hands covered as can be seen on many badly made jackets. This is important because it avoids the puffy side that can be with a poorly worn suit and it's all these little details that make you have class, or just look like a redneck who put his suit of Sunday!

As for the other clothes, it is almost understood that a pair of shoes too big are not worn and that a cap too small that would be just put on the head, it is clearly not beautiful. Finally, it is understood for most people anyway!

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