Thinking about relocation or local shifting?

Nowadays, shifting with all complete households is very easy. Without any headache, you can shift from one to another location. For this, special thanks to one way moving truck hire.
Several companies across Australia are known for providing you rental vehicle services. They have a huge collection of the vehicle such as van, Ute, truck within different affordable sizes. As per your needs, you can easily hire a one-way moving truck and consider your local shifting process with comfort and ease. This makes your move faster and easier.

Beyond all these things, one of the major parts of moving is to load the moving truck. Whether you’re doing it on your own or hiring a moving company, this process is very hectic and takes a lot of time. To minimize the risk of expensive damages, it is very necessary to follow the care tips.

Here are some top-notch tips to load a moving truck are considered below:

Load Truck in Tiers
The first best way to load your truck is to use strategically planned tiers. This includes:

•Side to Side (Left to Right OR Right to Left)
•Floor to Ceiling
•Front to Back

Move the Heaviest Items First

After the above-mentioned hierarchy, move the largest item first in the truck. Heavy appliances or households take more space so should be loaded first onto the truck before anything else and kept against the far wall. To keep balance, the truck loads both sides with heavy objects. Moreover, to protect the wooden corner of the furniture, use furniture padding. You can buy padding on rent from a moving company. It will take little cost but protect your furniture from wear and tear.

Load Longer Items Next

After loading the heaviest items then load the longer item next. Longer items include box springs, mattresses, long mirrors, headboards, etc. And place all these items against the longest walls of the truck. It will keep them upright and safe.

Bonus Tip* Try to use the maximum bubble sheet to prevent damage to belonging.

Buy Plenty of Straps to Secure Load

To secure your heavy load in the moving truck you should buy plenty of packs of straps. By putting 1 or 2 straps on the end of your load you can secure the load in transit. Straps are ideally suitable for handling tall furniture. Moreover, straps are also very handy to keep small items and safely transport.

Load Lightest Items Last

After loading all the heavy appliances or belonging, now it’s time to start loading the medium to lightweight objects. This will include any moving boxes, appliances, and smaller furniture items. Pictures, mirrors, and TVs must be properly protected before loading onto the truck. Most of the people mistake by placing lighter items without packing on the top of larger items. But it will damage smaller and larger items too.
So it is very essential to pack mattress items in mattress bags, pack kitchen appliances, and expensive potteries in their original boxes. After this placed all the items on the largest items not underneath where they are crushed or could damage.

Fill Holes with Odd-Shaped and Fragile Items

Once you load all the small and expensive heaviest items in the truck, then place fragile items or awkwardly shaped items on last. And fix them properly so that they can’t move during transport. Also, place the fragile items on the boxes items that can be stuffed into holes. This includes bags full of clothes, linens, blankets, and towels. Other basic things such ashHangers, garage items, boots, and shoes, or anything that could not break during the move.

Basic tips to consider while hiring one-way moving truck:

- Always go through a trustworthy company when it comes to one-way moving truck hire.
- Before booking the rental truck, perform a detailed visual inspection of the van.
- Once you choose the vehicle you must talk about its price because sometimes companies added extra charges.
- When it’s time to return the vehicle, you have to clean it or not. Must clarify this clause because it may cost more.
- After all these things, consider the driver who drives the moving vehicle.
- Consult with the company and ask them to show the credential of the driver and their driving license.
- Ask some questions to the chauffeur about the basic controls of the moving truck.

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