No doubt termites are the nightmare for the homeowners. When there is an infestation, you will see how termites have damaged your property for a long time. With a few important knowledge from pest inspectors, you will find some myths in this content separated from real facts on termites-


Myth #1 Forest or bushes are the sources of termites in your home: Though it is a fact that termites search for new shelter and source of food when they are displaced from their known ground. As soon as they lose their familiar place, they start finding a healthier alternative. However, the source can be old homes or unhygienic place, not necessarily, it will be forest every time. So, it will be a good idea to opt for pre-purchase building inspections in Perth before moving in. It will let you have a report of existing infestation (if any) so that you can find good negotiation while dealing with properties.


Myth #2 Termites can penetrate the concrete: Termites are strong, but not as strong as to damage the concrete walls. Well, the truth is termites can easily find the way through cracks in concrete or brickwork. Once termites enter, it creates a bigger crack while spreading across.


Myth #3 Termites belongs to the ant family: Obviously, no! They are not related to ant species. Even, they are more closely related to cockroaches than ants. And, that’s the why pest control done for ant removal doesn’t work for other termites. In Australia, ant infestation species are called as white ants.


Myth #4 Brick house is not vulnerable to termite: All the houses with wooden frame has the risk of termite attack. Just because your home is made of bricks, it is not safe from termites. No matter how separated the brick walls are from the soil, termite works there in the ground underneath. As soon as they find cracks in the brick, they get access to the wood eventually and damage with a slow process.


Myth #5 No need to worry if the home is tread before construction: Even if you opt for trusted timber pest inspection in Perth as well as termite treatments, it won’t save you for a long span. Whether you know or not, some treatments come with a 1-year warranty, whereas some work for an extended period. However, some environmental factors, products and quality of treatment determine how soon termite will come back.


Myth #6 Neighbour having termite infestation can push them to the treated area:

Termites colonies are huge. And, houses in a neighbourhood can share one termite colony. Termite in one house can make termites in another house more active, which is already infested, but they can’t drive them to a treated home. It’s quite impossible for the termites to cross the chemical barrier safely.


Myth #7 Spraying chemicals to the ground can treat termites: Since termites are infested in huge colonies, proper elimination is only possible when we can kill the colony or most importantly the queen (sole breeder). Target the entire colony to eradicate the entire termite problem.


So, these were a few myths you probably didn’t know about, and for actual termite treatment, call the professionals for home inspections in Perth and treatment options.

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The author is a property inspection specialist who works on pre-purchase building inspection in Perth and also writes blog/ articles while being followed by many