Do you own a construction company? If yes, then you have the idea of how competitive this market is. Establishing yourself as a reputed company wouldn't be a smooth journey initially. One must have myriads of services to provide to the consumer and at the same time they must have a killer website. Most of the construction websites that are available online are either generic or is poorly designed. A construction company's website must be crafted in a very strategic and professional manner.


A bland and un-engaging website can drive away all your potential customers. Your website is going to define your company virtually. Check whether your website has these 7 features that are mentioned below and if not then do incorporate it into your website. All the best construction website designs will have these features.

Header Photos


Having big and impressive header images on the front page of the website is mandatory. Once the page gets loaded, the client can see your work and judge whether they want a similar service for themselves or not. Allow them to rotate the image to eliminate stagnancy. If the images are moving, then it will add a modern touch to the page and make the designs look alive. It should be big enough to grab the attention of the viewer.

Social Media


Social Media is a huge contributor to your website traffic. Add many social media icons and link them properly with the website. Now you will be able to share all the progress of your company with a few clicks. It will allow your company to promote itself on various social media and expand the online presence. Allow everyone to join your social media groups with one click.


Video testimonials


Make a video with your client on completion of the project. Use this video as testimonials for your website and a way of sharing the experience of the clients when they are working with you. It will help in building trust and gain credibility. It will allow the viewers to clear their queries if they have any regarding the process. Video testimonials will validate your services and do the advertisement with the help of word of mouth.




Create a different section on your website where you will mention about all the employees that are working under your company. Provide the details of their qualification and whether they have the certificate to undertake any construction project. Mention their credibility and experience as well. Different clients will have different requirements, and they will check the qualification of the employees to determine their caliber.

Responsive website


Every website must be responsive because according to the recent survey it has been stated that the maximum traffic is coming from mobile users. If your website is responsive, then they will be able to easily look into your website from their mobile phones, and it will make their job easier. A website that is navigable with mobile phones increases the chances of high traffic because maximum users are using their phones for entering into the online world. It will also help in improving the rank in Google search as mobile friendly websites will get higher ranking in the search listings.

Explain the process


All the necessary steps that are included when they are hiring you must be mentioned on the website. Maintain clarity to enable the client to analyze whether you are suitable for the job or not. Many customers will not have the sound technical knowledge and in such cases use simple language for illustration.

Upload videos and photos related to your work


Every website must have photos and videos related to their past work or past projects that can prove their caliber. Do not go for the stock photos. Try to click various photos of the construction project at every step, or you can hire a professional photographer to do so. Upload these photos later on into the website.


These are some must-have features of a construction company website. Whenever you are making a website for your company, make sure you are stating all these points as a mandatory requirement to your developer.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.