If you are a wine lover, you must have a stock of wines in different aromas and flavours. However, storing these bottles needs a place and you don’t know what should be the place? In this article, I am going to tell you about various options for easily storing your collections.


Have you ever thought of constructing a wine cellar at your home? The wine cellar is famous among the Australian because of its function. Primarily, for the interior design and make your house more stylists, you can build this cellar. Apart from storing the bottles, you can beautifully organize these in the racks. For defining your home according to your preference, you need to discover designs from the wine cellar designer. In addition to this, you need to know about all of its function.

Now, you may think that where you can set up this cellar. Here we are discussing few places where you can place contemporary wine cellars.

  1. Place under your stairs:

Staircase can be a place where you can set up the wine racks. We sometimes left this place. Therefore, it is suggested to you that use this place for setting up the cellar. Personally, I have seen this place has been using for wine cellar for small apartments. People who have not enough space to build the cellar, they can take this place for constructing the cellar.

  1. The cellar at your basement:

For creating a gorgeous wine cellar you can take the place of the basement. Transform this place and make it impressive for the cellar. In such a case, for providing its best look, you could use lights and draw a modern design. By using these accessories, you could make your basement an amazing place. You can also set a bar so that when your guests come to your house, they get the perfect place for the entertainment. For feeling more authentic, it is recommended to you that use wood as the material to build the wine cellar racks.

  1. Build the cellar in the kitchen:

The kitchen is another place where you can place the wine cellar. It is the perfect opportunity when you are busy at cooking, and some guests suddenly reach your house. For matching the overall décor, and to keep it natural choose matching accessories and fix this in your cellar. However, personally, I suggest you avoid this place. Wine cannot mature in warm places. It is better to ignore this place if you want to mature your wine.

  1. Use the kitchen and dining partition place:

For storing you can use your spacious kitchen. For this, you need enough places where you can divide your kitchen and dining area. Use this partition as the place of the wine cellar. Just make sure this place need a perfect decoration which can match the overall design of the cellar.

  1. Racks at the walls:

Wall can be the place of storing the wine bottles. People use this to save the place. You can place your bottles at the staircase walls or the walls which are unused. For creating art in your cellar this could be a great way. However, this is for those who have a small collection of wines.

  1. Making holes at the wall:

If you are seeking something outstanding or more interesting you can grab contemporary wine cellars ideas, which I am going to tell now. Well, Stonewall could a great option for you. For making your stone walls more authentic you could place the bottles by making holes at your basement walls. Make sure that all the bottles should be of the same designs. This is the most individual style which you can apply in your wine storage. If you have not stone walls but wish to make this kind of storage. Go and make stone wall first and then do some holes in this.

  1. Dividing walls:

For displaying your collection and make it more interesting you can choose the dividing walls. You will be amazed to see that your existing wall divider turns into a wonderful decoration of wine storage. You could make this storage with glass material for integrating your collection.

Bottom Line:

If you are stocking a good wine rack, you can take this above idea. For growing your wine collection, it is always better to build the store. The mere refrigerator is not the perfect place for storing wines as the wine gets easily mature. Make your space eye-catching by placing the cellar.

Author's Bio: 

Neil Smallman is the owner of a wine cellar company. Apart from this, he begins his writing on a home design from 2008. He has a great passion for interior design and decorations.