Whether you snore, your partner or roommate snores; snoring can easily disrupt one’s sleep and can cause huge issues within a relationship. But is there really a fix to snoring? Dozens of anti-snoring devices are offered to consumers who snore, ranging from slightly ridiculous to moderately tortuous.

Depending on your condition, these anti-snoring devices claim to help decrease or stop snoring altogether. Let’s take a look at 7 popular sleeping aids that may just make your sleeping life a whole lot better:

ZenSleep: This snoring kit includes 5 sleeping aid products that are proven to help stop snoring.

The ZenSleep kit comes with:

Zenstrap provides gentle support to the lower jaw while keeping the airways clean and unrestricted. It helps to improve breathing and sleep quality. Easily strap this device around the head.

ZenMask helps to block out 100% light, soft and contoured with noise ridge. This device will not put any pressure on your eyes because it features Velcro straps.

ZenVents instantly stops snoring by maximizing airflow in nasal passageways and is specifically designed to stop snoring originating from the nose.

ZenGuard positions the tongue forward and keeps it from falling back.

ZenPlugs are designed for ultra-soft and comfortable noise reduction.

Using all of these devices in the ZenSleep kit will allow you to stop snoring all-together. It’s a device worth checking out.

SnoreRX: This is another great anti-snoring mouthpiece, made from premium medical grade copolymer materials.

SnoreRX takes a custom impression of your teeth using the ‘boil and bite’ process to ensure a proper fit.

AirSnore: Airsnore’s mouthpiece opens up your airways to allow you to breathe better while you sleep, stopping you from snoring.

TheraSnore: TheraSnore is clinically proven and is an effective way to stop snoring. With the use of its snoring mouthguard, you can say goodbye to loud nuisances and better sleep.

SleepTight: SleepTight is also a fitted mouthpiece which helps treat snoring and sleep apnea.

Good Morning Snore Solution: A mouthpiece anti-snoring device in which is very effective, safe and least invasive snoring system. The mouthpiece is more like a tongue retainer, imagine a baby sucking on a pacifier.

ZQuiet: This snoring device works wonders for snorers. It’s mouthpiece is designed to advance the lower jaw by a few millimeters to prevent the base of the tongue blocking the airway.

These are the top seven sleeping aids snorers should start off with. Try out these seven and find out what works best for you and/or your partner. In no time you should start getting the rest you need and finally sleeping like a baby.

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