1 Buying bots or fake followers

Buy Instagram followers strategy is really common these days. The people, brands or businesses buy Instagram followers the UK in order to get instant fame & win credibility. One important thing to mention here is that all the service providers that proffer you Instagram followers, likes, comments & video views aren’t the same. There are a few ones that proffer its customer high-quality services but most of them are scammers. All you get is fake followers or bots from them. This conversely ruins your reputation in front of your followers.

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2 Posting only self-promotional content

Generally, it seems that posting your product’s pictures on Instagram daily is just fine. However, the fact is just the opposite. When you post too much self-promotional content, it annoys your followers. It casts your image that you only care about your business i.e. you are only concerned with money. The followers surely want to see your human side as well. They love it if you choose to post behind the scene pictures. So, the best recommendation for you is to never give them the option to un-follow you & keep them connected with you in several ways.

3 Inconsistent posting

When someone follows you, he/she follows with the intention to see amazing & unique content on a regular basis from your end. They desire to see your fantastic & amusing posts popping on their timeline. So, the best recommendation for you is to formulate a schedule & follow that strictly. If you choose not to follow a schedule, it makes your impression that you aren’t dependable. It annoys your followers, if you post one time a day & the other day, you post three times a day. So, you must avoid doing this.

4 Asking for follow back

This is one of the rising trends on Instagram. The immature people or businesses usually ask for the Follow Back, after the following someone to increase their following. You are not supposed to do this under any circumstances, even if you have a few hundred followers.
Doing this may ruin your reputation as it isn't a decent act at all. It doesn’t only annoy the person whose post you are commenting on. But also, when other people see this, they avoid visiting your profile. It makes a really bad impression of yours so it is better to avoid this.

5 Posting low quality content

What is Instagram all about? It is all about photos & videos. For normal people, it is okay to post low-quality pictures, which doesn’t look eye-catching. But for brands & businesses, posting bad quality content can ruin your image in front of your followers.

The people usually avoid following those with ugly Instagram. What is ugly Instagram? It usually refers to the accounts with low or poor quality content. Everyone loves to follow the accounts that have high-quality content posting habit. When you choose to post high-quality content, you will see that you get buy Instagram followers Likes UK at a much higher speed.

6 Ignoring your followers

When people follow you & become part of your Instagram community, they take out time to like & comment on your posts. When your followers take out time for you, from their busy schedules, they seek your attention as well. They desire for acknowledgment from your end.
So, ignoring your followers in this scenario is a rude act. You are supposed to reply to their comments. If it is not possible, you can like their comment & reply to only those where necessary. In this way, you portray that you really care about them & it definitely makes them feel happy.

7 Posting rude content

The last but not the least thing to avoid is uploading disrespectful or rude content, no matter what. You are a brand & you aren’t supposed to show your personal hatred publically, towards something, no matter what. If you choose to post negative, it will snatch away your followers & ruins your image. So, you are supposed to avoid this as well as every other thing that can possibly provide you a ghastly repute.

Other than this, avoid replying rude stuff to your followers, even if they write something negative. You must ignore that as you are representing a brand

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Social media marketing have gained popularity. Many people are selling their products & services through instagram.

Hope this article will help you how to market products on Instagram.