Overweight can damage your child's confidence when he is in his friend circle or anywhere. According to the child age, the extra pounds are not good and over weight is a risk factor for some diseases like - diabetes, high blood pressure. To stop increasing weight, you can help your child adopt healthier life cycle types.

We cannot emphasize enough, the childhood that we should adopt best practices Aging growing and healthy. In addition to compromised physical health, being overweight can cause your child to become sick they tend to compensate by eating. With a balanced diet & regular physical activity, here are some tips to help get stay slim and maintain their health.

Don't Blame on Your Child

When you are noticing that your child is not in shape and he is getting over weight then don't laugh on him. You should do support to change their bad habit which are reason of his extra pounds. He did not lose his excess weight in two days after the changes that accompany maintained.

Help His to Express His Irritation

An annoyance, frustration and your child takes refuge in food to soothe her suffering. The fatty and sugary foods in
particular, represent a source of comfort. To help overcome this unhealthy habit to help them express their feelings and offer her an alternative (why not spend typing on a punching bag?).

Encourage Them to Go Ahead

To motivate physical activity alone or with his friends, he chooses himself. If embarrassed by her weight, activity "column" type of pool or cycling may allow the sport to start well with the results mentioned in shape fast. An average of one hour of physical activity useful every day: walk as much as possible for him, to go to school or running errands, and want the stairs. On weekends and holidays, varies variety of different activities: hiking, cycling, Biking, skating, ball games, etc.

Teach Him to Obey you

Use a plate to your child without overloading. Offer him an additional amount only if the request is not systematic reserves. Encourage your child to eat slowly, chewing, so that his body has time to include the use and meaning of his brain that he had eaten enough. Do not insist that he finish his plate was not hungry.

Introduce The Option of Happiness in Her Diet

Food should be fun for your child. Do not forbid him systematically he wanted food to eat at home can create a sense of frustration. Once a week or once in a while, let her guests some cake or candy. Keep as much as possible pastries, ice cream and soft drinks for special occasions. To adopt a different diet, do not participate in the preparation of food and ask him to choose fruits and vegetables that he wants. Teach him to discover new foods in different forms and always enjoy the products.

Don't Neglect His Sleep

To grow well and fit, a child should sleep well. Teach them to sleep early on the eve of the school. Studies have demonstrated a link between sleep deprivation and weight gain: sleep-deprived children consume more fat and sugar.

Promote the Normal Development of Your Child

In children, the goal is not a loss of pounds at any price but stable weight, to promote the "normal." Growing, strict diet can lead to serious deficiencies and development of the cause of the disease. Your doctor will help you in supporting your child and seek to determine the causes of excess weight for better support.

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