How to Strengthen your Relationship with Your Spouse?

Marriage is the most sacred commitment you can have with another person. It entails making a vow to cherish each other through good times and bad. However, it is also natural that your relationship becomes strained at times. Maybe you feel yourselves becoming distant, or you had a big argument. On the other hand, you simply arrived at a point wherein you need to improve your relationship.

Marriage needs a lot of commitment and effort to keep your affection for each other strong. Through a bit of effort, some understanding, and a dash of patience, you and your life partner can enrich your marriage and recall the main reason you vowed to spend your life together.

1. Divide Chores

Dividing housework in a marriage is a method that most marriage counselors recommend to couples experiencing marital difficulty. At first, it is natural that one person takes on more chores than the other. Unfortunately, this can cause problems in the long run. To avoid developing feelings of disdain early on, you can simply discuss with one another which household projects you are capable of handling.

Maybe you're alright with making the bed and taking out the garbage, while your spouse is okay with vacuuming and washing the dishes. Make your arrangement without being gender-biased. Afterward, take time to talk about which household chores you despise, which you need to trade, and which you need to employ somebody to do, such as taking care of the yard.

2. Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt

When you feel upset about something that your spouse had done, rather than accusing them, approach them in a descriptive manner. Try to separate the facts from your understanding of the situation.

Your efforts to remove bias when dealing with a situation can go a long way in getting you the reaction you need and want, such as empathy, validation, recognition, and accountability. It also avoids the emergence of unwanted feelings of counter-complaints and defensiveness. If you are the one that did wrong, it is vital to acknowledge your mistake and apologize.

3. Go on Dates

Invest in some alone time together to rekindle the romance and intimacy in your relationship. It will enable you to recollect what drew you to each other in the first place. It's imperative to work out a time to spend quality time together and away from others. Once a week or even twice a month, plan the sort of date you had before you were married or had kids if any.

Make a deal to avoid talking about the finances, your in-laws, or your kids. You can go to a fancy dinner, see a famous film, or have a relaxing night at home without your phones. Take turns organizing the things you'll do together. If you want to keep your rapport and passion for each other alive, a romance must be a regular part of your marriage.

4. Have Sex Regularly

It is understandable to feel drained at the end of a hard day. Primarily if you work all day while taking care of your children and dealing with your household needs. It is significant for you to schedule a regular time each week for your sex life. Plan a physical date night every week for you and your spouse.

Ensure that the date finishes with foreplay and sex, wherein you and your spouse can have an opportunity to try out fun new experiences in and out of the bedroom. Remember that you can't improve your sexual connections if you don't make an effort to set aside time for it. Just like any ordinary date night, plan a weekly schedule that is separate from your regular night outs.

Also, don't forget to be honest about and explore your sexual dreams. It is also great if you can work on being physical outside the bedroom.

If you want to experiment with sex toys, you can try to use the We-Vibe Touch to amp up your lovemaking. By doing these things routinely, you will significantly improve your physical relationship inside and outside the bedroom.

5. Learn to Repair and Exit the Argument

One of the secrets of keeping your relationship happy and healthy is to figure out how to leave an argument. It is vital to learn how to fix the rift between you and your spouse before the situation gets out of hand. A couple of ways to repair the problem is to use humor, offer a caring statement, assure that you are on common ground, and, last but not least, backing down.

As a rule, it is best to offer indications of gratefulness for your spouse and their sentiments along the way. If an argument gets excessively heated, take a short breather, and agree to face the issue again once both of you are calm.

6. Say “I Love You”

Love is a decision, a choice, and a commitment. The truth is that you're not likely to stay head-over-heels in love with your loved one each day. However, through voicing your love every day, you're helping both of you remember that it's a conscious choice that you've decided to make. 

Although many people would tell you that actions speak louder than words, clearly stating your love will help your spouse feel at ease knowing you are committing to the vows you made.

There are numerous ways you can affirm your passion, such as posting a note on your refrigerator, saying it through call or text, or simply saying it in person.

7. Take Time to Listen

Couples that have been in a relationship for quite a while frequently brush off most of the things the other has said. However, all these minor slights add up. When your significant other feels unheard or invalidated, minor issues can prompt greater intimacy and trust problems down the line.

If your life partner lets you know there is an issue, you have to pay heed to that assertion.

Work on taking care of the issue, either together or alone. Nonetheless, ensure that you pay serious attention to your spouse's interests so that you can address their needs.

If your partner is letting you know what they need from the relationship, you have to invest effort and patience to make it happen or cooperate to discover a way to compromise.


The honeymoon stage in any serious relationship only lasts for so long. Inevitably, it becomes evident that spending your life with someone requires commitment and effort.

Numerous couples begin to break apart seven years after the wedding because they failed to strengthen and maintain their emotional connection.

Thus, always make your marriage a top priority by taking small but consistent steps to keep your relationship with your spouse strong.

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