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These days, anywhere you look online, there seems to be sites after sites offering you the long lost truth or secret on how you can get ripped abs. While a couple of these websites are legitimate, many are just scammers trying to swipe some of that hard earned cash of yours from your pockets. Anyway, when you're trying to develop that six-pack that seems ever so elusive, it's easy to get yourself caught up chasing those flashy marketing and advertising promises. The celebrity testimonials, professionally written sales copy and flashy videos online almost make it impossible to really find out what's a scam and what really works.

However, one thing that most people forget or overlook, including quite a number of professional trainers is diet. Diet is arguably the most important tool you'll need if you want to get chiseled abs. With that said, exercise is still a big part of everything as well. You've got to push it to the limit in your workouts and pre-workout supplements can help you do just that. The guys at will tell you all about the best pre-workout supplement products currently on the market. They go a long way when you're trying to get your six-pack ready for summer.

Now, back to why we're all here. Let's take a look below at they seven ways you can get your abs ripped before the summer season rolls in.

1. Eat Enough Protein

Protein will not only help you effectively burn fat but it'll also help you when building lean muscle as well. Amongst all the macronutrients, the likes of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, the one that provides your body with the highest thermogenic effect happen to be lean protein. It's generally the most valuable macronutrient in the entire bunch. Why? Well, it's because to break it down your body usually needs to burn a whole lot of calories to get this done. In fact, this is actually one of the most important reasons why competitive builders and pro athletes eat high lean protein diets.

2. Focus On Diet

In order to effectively burn fat and get your six-pack going, it's vital you learn how to start eating balanced diets, much of which should be made up of healthy fats, proteins and some carbs here and there. Protein plays a vital role when building muscle is concerned and might just be the most important macronutrient of all. This is because, as we mentioned earlier, for your body to properly digest proteins it needs to burn a lot of calories to make this happen.

3. Eat Healthy Fats

Ensure your diet has some healthy fats included in it. Primarily from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats the likes of olive oils, fish oils, nut butter and the raw nuts themselves. These sources of dietary fat will help keep the insulin levels in your body stable, which is key when you're looking to get ripped abs and lose belly fat in the process. Okay, we're not saying you go start eating large bags of cashew nuts all the time, we're just saying your diet needs to have some healthy fats included in it. Simply put, avoid thinking all fats are bad for you.

4. East Post-Workout Carbs

Many people all across the globe have been successfully tricked into thinking that carbs are bad for them and that they'll make you grow fat. This is an urban myth that we certainly need to bust right here. Of course, when you eat anything in excess you'll eventually gain some weight, however, starchy or natural grain carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potatoes can actually prove quite beneficial for those of you on the quest for a six-pack, especially when you consume them after you've just completed your exercise routine. When carbs are eaten after a workout, they're less likely to turn into body fat.

5. Thousands Of Crunches Are Not The Answer

Total body, multi-joint and compound movements will help you build muscle and lose fat way faster and more effective than sit-ups and crunches ever will. Many trainers will tell you it's completely pointless wasting most of your workout time doing thousands of useless sit-ups and crunches when you could utilize that time doing more productive exercises that will help you build muscle and lose excess belly fat more effectively. Also, when working on abs, they generally need about thirty minutes or so of workout time.

6. Use Smarter Cardio Techniques

If you're looking to lose excess belly fat, then you might have already come across people advocating for long duration cardio programs at slow to medium paces, yes? This fat loss technique is pretty decent, however, there's a way that's far much better than this. Doing abdominal exercises combined with interval workouts is one such way. During your interval workout active recovery periods, perform an abdominal exercise. During those interval sessions, keep switching it up with different ab workouts and exercises.

7. Avoid Beer

Every beer drank by you brings with it about 150 calories into your body. Where do you think all those calories go? Oh, and keep in mind that a lot of those calories being brought in are "empty", or nutritionally empty in other words. If you drink beer regularly then you might be at risk of consuming thousands of empty calories every week and that will not do your waistline any favors. These calories tend to add up really fast. If you have to drink, a good libation alternative happens to be tequila. It has zero carbs and very few calories per serving.

Bottom line, the key to getting ripped abs and a small waistline is to concentrate a lot on what you eat. Your diet is what will largely determine whether you can pull off a six-pack before summer or not. It all starts with the type of food you're consistently putting into your mouth. Nonetheless, there are still several other factors involved. You'll still need to do this and incorporate smart cardio as well as compound and multi-joint exercises in the whole equation too. We hope that this article is exactly what you needed to get started.

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