Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases. It is the second-leading cause of death in the world. Fortunately, advancements in technology have made early stage detection of cancer possible. Visit the nearest cancer hospital in Delhi for cancer screening. Some risk factors that can contribute to uncontrolled gene mutations are your age, family history, habits, health conditions, and environment.
If proper care is taken some of the following risk factors can be controlled.

Age: Cancer develops in stages. It can take decades to develop to a stage where it can be diagnosed. Hence, most people diagnosed are well in their 60s. However, cancer can develop at any age.

Family history: If cancer is common in your family, you are at a greater risk of inheriting it.

Habits: Having unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking can make you vulnerable to developing cancer.

Health conditions: Having some chronic health conditions like stomach ulcers or infections can increase your risk of developing cancer.

Environment: If you live or work in an environment which may contain harmful chemicals like asbestos and benzene or high sun exposure, you may be prone to developing cancer.

Why does Cancer happen?

Cancer occurs when there is an uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. Genetic mutations can lead to an abnormal division of the cells and the formation of tumor in different parts of the body. Over a period of time, this tumor will grow and lead to the development of cancer.

How to prevent cancer?

There are ways through which you can prevent the development of cancer in your body. They are:

1. Avoid over-exposure to the sun:

The ultra-violet rays (UV rays) from the sun are harmful and can cause skin cancer. Avoid staying outside for too long in the sun and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen daily before stepping out.

2. Quit smoking and consuming tobacco:

If you’re a smoker, Quit. Smoking is linked to a variety of cancer apart from lung cancer. It is known to irritate the cells and cause mutations which leads to cancer. Tobacco consumption can also irritate the cells in the mouth and lead to oral cancer.

3. Limit the consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol consumption is equally harmful and over-consumption can develop cancer in your body. Hence, it should be limited to one or two drinks a day if you’re 65 or younger.

4. Eat a healthy diet:

Consume a diet full of diverse foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, carbohydrates, etc to prevent cancer.

5. Exercise regularly :

Inactivity and obesity have been linked to the development of breast and colorectal cancer. 30 minutes of exercise can generally boost your immunity, lower stress, and help in weight management. Thus, reducing the risk of cancer.

6. Schedule regular cancer screenings:

With regular screenings, early detection of cancer is possible. Also, you will get to know the various risk factors that can lead to cancer and learn about preventive measures to help control them. Schedule a visit to the top cancer medical facility in Delhi for early diagnosis and prevention of cancer.

7. Get Immunized:

Certain viruses like Hepatitis-B virus (HBV) and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) are linked to the development of cancer. Getting immunized against those viruses can help reduce the risk of a variety of cancers. Receive HBV vaccinations from an oncology center in Delhi to prevent cancer IN younger children or adults at risk of developing HBV infection

Using these preventive measures, you can reduce the risk of developing cancer and lead a happy, healthy life!

For further queries, visit the nearest cancer hospital in Delhi.

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