1. Don't expect weight loss to happen instantly or at a set rate. If you're consistent in doing the right things, the weight loss will come. It is the rushed weight loss plans that usually leave you heavier than you started in the long-term. Just believe in healthy eating and exercise and keep changing towards a healthier lifestyle one baby step at a time and the weight loss will follow at your body's own rate.

2. Make the best of your restaurant meals. A good rule of thumb is to start with a large salad without any dressing then you won't need to eat as much of the more unhealthy main course. As soon as you feel full during the main course, stop eating and save the rest of the meal for your next meal. If you must have dessert, offer to split it with someone eating with you.

3. Improve on the foods you already eat. It may be too difficult to give up all of your unhealthy cravings all at once. Start by trying to eat a healthier version of each food you like. For example, convert from 2% milk to skim milk. Convert from regular meat to lean meat. Convert from white bread to whole wheat, 12-grain or rye bread. Convert from white rice to brown rice. Convert from carbonated drinks to water-diluted juices.

4. Pack meals if you know you may get hungry while away from home. You must face the fact that no matter how picky you get, it is much harder to get a healthy meal at a restaurant than to bring one from home. And even when you do find a healthy meal on the go, it is usually quite expensive. Pack some fruit and a whole wheat sandwich. Throw in a handful of almonds and walnuts for long-term hunger satisfaction.

5. Add a little extra exercise to the things you already do. Don't wait for someone to pull out of the parking spot in front of a store's door. Park in an empty slot far away and you'll probably save time and you'll definitely get more exercise. Use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever available. If you're traveling a mile or less in a relatively safe area, consider walking instead of driving. It is better for your body and your car.

6. If you must watch television, add a little bit of healthy exercise. Sitting in front of the television has been shown to be one of the most unhealthy activities in which we commonly partake. Why not grab something with a little weight and do curls and other little exercises while you watch?

7. If you find yourself eating out of boredom, do something that isn't boring! If you can't think of anything, how about volunteering to help others? Get involved in the world around you and you'll have less boredom and you'll feel better about yourself. When you feel good about yourself you won't engage in destructive eating behaviors.

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