When it comes to choosing a dentist, the choice may not be as easy as you first think. People shouldn't just look to find a dentist that is good for one treatment, but rather they should aim to develop a lasting relationship with someone who they know they can go to whenever they need assistance with their oral health. While this may seem like an easy task, it certainly isn't. In order to help it become just a bit less burdensome, here are 8 good qualities to look for in a professional dentist.

They Are Friendly

One of the first characteristics that you should look for in a dentist is how friendly they are. Maybe their friendliness doesn't seem like something that should be high on the list, but it’s certainly something that can determine how the relationship will go between you and your dentist. For example, if you don’t get along with your dentist or they aren't very friendly, you may not be as eager to keep up with your oral health or stick to your routine visits. This means that you’ll start going extended periods of time without visiting the dentist, which could result in you having serious issues with your teeth and gums in the future.

Their Staff Is Welcoming

The staff that a dentist hires could be indicative of their practice as a whole. After all, before you sit down in the dental chair, you’ll be in a waiting room with the staff and it’s likely that the relationship that you have with them will be important as well. Good dentists will hire good staff, and you’ll feel great knowing that you are at a practice that has both.

They Have A Reputable Education

You don’t want to trust your oral health to just anyone. That’s why you should check the educational credentials of a dentist before you decide to work with them. A good dentist will not only have a reputable education, but they should also show that they continue to learn about the industry. The more effort a dentist puts into being their best, the more likely it is that they’ll give you the best care possible.

They've Been In The Industry A While

There is nothing wrong with working with a dentist who is fresh out of dental school. In fact, you may even consider this to be a benefit if they seem eager to have you as one of their first patients. However, experience certainly does speak for something. A good dentist is one that has been around for a while and has built up a lot of experience. The more experience they've built, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to help you with whatever dental treatments that you need.

They Offer Competitive Prices

No one wants to go to a dentist where they feel like they are paying too much for the services they provide. In addition, a dentist who is charging too much for their services may be trying to take advantage of you. However, trustworthy dentists are those that offer competitive rates, and excellent service.

They Are Truthful

It’s never easy knowing if a dentist is being honest. After all, they are the medical professional so you typically will just take their word for whatever they say. However, a good dentist is one that will be honest about what they tell you, and they won’t try and push you to perform unnecessary treatments.

Their Treatments Aren't Overly Aggressive

A good dentist understands that most patients feel very vulnerable while visiting them. That is why they will be careful to ensure that the patient is not in any pain or discomfort when working with them. Dentists who are overly aggressive or don’t care about their patients physical well-being are not ones that you want to work with. That’s why you should aim to work with one that continually aims to provide you with care that won’t hurt you physically.

They Talk To You About Your Oral Health

Finally, a good dentist is one who will be honest and open about your dental health. If you visit your dentist and they tell you that everything looks good, or if they tell you that something is wrong without giving you an explanation as to what, then you may want to consider finding another dental professional. The fact of the matter is that this is your teeth and you deserve to know what is going on with your oral health. A good dentist knows this and they’ll provide you with the answers that you seek.

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I'm just your average hygienist with a passion for excellence. I do what I do best, which is to help my patients achieve healthy smiles and provide & educate them with oral health care solutions and lifelong cosmetic procedures. Dr. Nicholas Pile is a graduate of the nation’s second oldest dental school, Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia where he earned his D.M.D. degree. Dr. Pile was raised in Arizona and is owner and founder of Element Dental