One of the most underappreciated and rewarding markets for small companies are, actually, other companies. There’s no business in the world that doesn’t require external services. So, for people who wish to stop being an employee and use their skill set to start their own B2B business, here are 8 Great small business ideas worth investing in 2019 –
1. Event Spaces
Every year local markets experience an increase in demand for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and other such events. However, most cities have few select venues to conduct these. Starting an event space and offering arrangement services together with the venue is an amazing idea in 2019 as there is an increasing demand for professional and local event-planning businesses.
2. Graphic Design
For everyone with a background in graphic design – the demand for their services is tremendous. Opening up a low-scale B2B is a no-brainer. The tools and cost required to get such a business started is minimal. With expertise on - Adobe, Sketch and Canva, a lucrative business position can be achieved in no time.
3. Catering
For ex-professional chefs and food lovers in general, starting a distinctive and professional catering service is the perfect opportunity to depart from the world of employment, chartering into the comfortable world of self-employment. There’s hard work involved however. In addition to that, some practical requirements include
 A commercial kitchen
 Part-time serving staff
 Team of assistant cooks
4. Craft Brewery
Craft breweries have boomed in the United Statesin the past few decades. 98% of functioning breweries in the States are privately owned. For people with a passion for beer-brewing, even if it’s just from their garage, opening up a microbrewery is the perfect way to monetize a dear hobby.
5. Moving Company
The average urban dweller is expected to move at least 4-6 times in his/her lifetime. There is a big demand for movers who can transport heavy loads in an organized and efficient manner. With the correct hiring, clever management, innovative technology and harmonious coordination a team of super-efficient professionals with a strict plan could be the foundations for an amazing start-up.
6. Pet Grooming
One for the animal enthusiasts, pet grooming is a professional field that is in demand in 2019. Be it offering dog-walking services or manufacturing pet nutrient supplements– the pet grooming business is full of opportunities in 2019.
7. Fitness Instructor
For licensed personal trainers, private training sessions are a great way to earn heavily. The demand for personal fitness instructors is high at the moment and for the ultimate professional, eventually opening up his/her own gym/studio should be the main goal.
8. Beauty Services
Be it making makeup tutorial videos on YouTube and Instagram or becoming a professional freelance hair/makeup artist – the demand for beauty services is tremendous. A lot of this has to do with social media fashion influencers who have mixed marketing and fashion to make amazing businesses.
These were the top 8 most promising avenues for investment in 2019! So, what’s your cup of tea?

The road to self-employment is full of opportunities in 2019 with a number of small businesses growing, which are worth investing in. Be it pet grooming, craft brewery, graphic design, event management agencies or catering, there are a lot of rewarding avenues open for people eager to try out their skill sets.

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Reshali Balasubramaniam
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