Oh, I still remember my first interview call; I was in college – a fresher with no experience. Like others, I was stepping into the world, which would bring responsibilities, challenges and excitement in my life.

After applying for many jobs, one fine day,I got my first interview call. My first interview was a disaster ,but my experience taught me a lot.

Today, when I take interviews I observe applicants making mistakes, which doesn’t go well with the company. So here are the hacks you must try when you get your first interview call.

An interviewer rates you on these following parameters:

Appearance & Conduct
Spend money to buy formals –Your appearance is your only first impression, so make sure it better be outstanding. Dressing depends on where you are going for your job interview. If it is casual working environment then wear smart casuals, if its a formal set up then shirts and pants for men and skirts or pants for girls will be the safest to wear. You could choose any of the colors. White, blue, grey, beige, light pinks .Girls can wear fashionable formals with a neatly tied ponytail. Clean, Descent smart dressing always scores and goes well as a first impression.
Your conduct is observed moment you walk in for an interview to the office. Make sure you wear a smile till the interview lasts. Remember two most important things :
Switch off your phone / put it on silent mode
Don’t chat or gossip with friends or anyone once at the reception. Texting is a better option to inform.
Ask for the brochure of the company – which you will find on the reception. Information will add to your preparation done for the interview.
Body Language
Your confidence will show when you walk through the door to meet the interviewer. Simply, keep your chin up , shoulders straight and a soft smile on your face .Be firm in your handshake and make an eye contact with a smile. Be at ease .It adds to your confidence and shows a positive and energetic body language. Will surely work in your favour.

Education Qualification
Your education qualification is a vital part of your job interview, so its important that you keep your file ready with your achievement certificates if any. Showcase your interests and your inquisitiveness to learn more.

1.Fluency in your communication tells about your clear thought process, so an advice clear communication is important

2.Answer exactly what has been asked .Being to the point with a small example works well.

3.Listen to the interviewer and take few seconds to frame your answer. Don’t be in hurry because how and what you communicate will decide your next round of interview.

Information about company and the job you applied for
This homework should be done 24 – 48 hours before the interview. Its important to be well aware about the company you have applied for, what they do and other necessary information. Secondly, you should be aware about the job description of the job you applied for and why. It has to be the most practiced answer of yours. Collect information and be well prepared. Its will make you stand out from the rest and impression is created.

Your attitude, aptitude, pressure test
Positive and a friendly attitude with a great aptitude has additional scores. Half the battle is won if the interview sees the connect.

At times interviewers throw tricky questions to test you under pressure, my advice is stay calm & composed; take time, think through and then ans. If you don’t know –excuse yourself. Its better to say no , then to make a fool of yourself. They are just testing how you react or behave under pressure.

Your Exit
Your Exit from the room defines a lot about you . Exit gently with a smile and firm handshake. Everyone likes a compliment or a word of appreciation. Give it with a smile and leave the room. Make sure your shoes are not making any noise – it can irritate the interviewer.

Thank you note
Send a thank you note to the interviewer or you could even send an email on the same .


A well rehearsed/ mock interviews practiced in front of the mirror will fetch you best results.

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A Marketing Professional for over 12 year working for leading media companies and start up world, today she is her own boss.She is qualified as a Post Graduate - International Business, Google Certified - Advanced Digital Marketing.Her experience lead her to create a content driven services platform providing client's one stop solution to "Create your Brand's Success story".