Having a pearly white smile is what many people strive for. After all, your smile says a lot about your personal hygiene and it also can determine what people think about you. Not only that, but we live in a world where everything is put on social media, so you have to hope that you look good in all of those pictures your friends are taking. If you want to make sure you look best in your photos, here are 8 ways you can whiten your teeth. This article written with the help of cosmetic dentist for Huntington Beach.

Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Kits
The option that most people consider is over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. These can be bought at your local store and they vary in price. The advantages to teeth whitening kits that you can buy at your store is that they can be used without a doctors recommendation and sometimes the results will start to work very quickly. However, over-the-counter options can get a bit messy and they usually don’t have the same lasting results as the choices you can select from your dentist.

Dentist Prescribed Dental Gel
One of the options that your dentist can recommend for whiter teeth is a gel that you apply at home. Part of this process will include fitting you with a mouthpiece that is specific to you, and then you’ll apply the gel and wear the mouthpiece at times that are convenient to you. These gels typically will have lasting effects and the process is usually much easier than over-the-counter choices. However, you’ll have to get the approval from your dentist and these gels can often be much more expensive than over-the-counter kits.

Teeth Bleaching
Your dentist may also be able to bleach your teeth for almost instantly whiter results. Teeth bleaching is one of the fastest growing cosmetic dental procedures, as it is a quick and easy fix for those who want whiter teeth. Although teeth bleaching can be more expensive than over-the-counter options, it’s often less pricey than a dentist prescribed gel. In addition, teeth bleaching can be done in one office visit, so you don’t have to wait for the results like many other choices. Teeth bleaching can also last for extended periods of time, making them a viable option for those who want a lasting pearly white smile.

At Home Remedies
If you want to avoid any of these kits or treatments at the dentist office, there are also things that you can do around your home. One option is to take baking soda and peroxide, and mix the two together until you start to make a pasty substance. Once this happens, you can start applying the paste to your teeth. You’ll want to do this for about two minutes and you should only do it as often as twice a week. The results won’t kick in nearly as quick, but this is something you can do for an extended period of time to maintain a white smile.

Eat More Fruits
Eating more fruits is not only good for your body, it’s also good for your teeth. Fruits like strawberries and blueberries have antioxidants in them that will act as a natural cleaning agent for your teeth. It’s important that you avoid drinking fruit smoothies or other fruit substitutes, as these can actually stain your teeth. But if you eat fruits on an occasional basis, they can help your teeth get whiter over time.

Drink More Milk
Milk does the body good. It also has plenty of calcium in it, which helps build strong teeth and bones. If you want to be strong and healthy, milk should surely be a part of your daily diet. However, you’ll also notice that your teeth are whiter as you drink more milk instead of other options.

Drink Less Coffee, Soda and Tea
Included in those other options as referred to above, you should avoid coffee, soda, tea, wine and other things that could lead to the staining of your teeth. Don’t forget, getting whiter teeth isn’t just about fixing issues that you have, but also maintaining a beautiful smile by not drinking things that could harm their appearance.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly
Lastly, it’s simple to remember that you should be brushing your teeth on a daily basis. If you don’t, bacteria and other debris can build up and result in you having a less desireable smile. Brushing your teeth will help you have healthy teeth and gums, as well as a brighter and whiter smile.

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