8 Tips to Acquire Clients and Business Success

In business you are ALWAYS working with and for others.
No matter how small or self-made you think you are there is always a customer or client at the end of each transaction.

1. Have Integrity

Do you have great deals? Then you will get customers – someone who will leave as soon as a better deal comes along.
However, if you want clients – those who will listen to you, take your advice and refer you to others – you must exude integrity.
Mutual trust is the foundation of the relationship between you and your clients.

2. Preplan Your Day

Focus on the events of the day at hand. Will you be meeting with clients or making calls to secure new prospects?
If you are meeting with clients be sure to prepare a written step-by-step plan for each of those meetings.
Business development calls are especially challenging in the beginning, but they must be done if your business is to grow and thrive.

3. Use an Agenda

At the start of each meeting, begin with the end in mind.
Ask your client, what has to happen for the meeting to be a success.
Even if you think you know what the client’s objectives are, you might discover that they have changed those objectives are the priorities of the objectives might have been re-ordered.
It is important to see your client as a partner with whom you are working together to solve a problem.

4. Delegate to Others

Even if you have no staff or business partner(s), focus on what you do most productively and passionately in your business and give the other stuff to other people.
Outsource if you must or hire competent staff on contract.

5. Specialize in Something

Specialists make more money in every field!
To develop a high degree of competence, spend your energy on the areas of the business for which you have the greatest passion.
For example, in the financial industry which is growing more complex everyday, with who do you like to work?
Do you want to help young newlyweds create a financial plan, older more established clients with estate planning needs or business owners with complex tax and business issues?
Develop your passion area and become an expert.

6. Position Yourself Accurately

Be sure your marketing materials accurately describe what service(s) you deliver to the client.
Don’t waste the prospects or clients time by trying to be all things to everyone, it cannot be done and it will make you appear unprofessional and damage your credibility.
Be great at what you do and leave the rest for others.

7. Be Professional

Remember your client is a partner with whom you are working to solve a problem – their problem.
Listen to and respect their objections and concerns and avoid seeing the relationship as an adversarial one.

8. Express Gratitude

Thanks and appreciation expressed in a simple yet sincere manner goes a long way to differentiating you from your competitors.
Your clients will be pleasantly surprised when they receive your handwritten thank - you card!
Sometimes it seems people are saying “thank you” less and less.
Stand out from the crowd and always thank your clients!

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