Restful sleep is the all-important magic pill we all need. After years of sleeplessness, I finally decided to try to figure this out. Here are the 9 most important tips I learned.

Try Sleeping Naked

I don't know about you, but this did wonders for me. Sleeping naked helped me feel much more at ease and unrestrained in bed, and definitely contributed to better sleep.

Keep the Devices Away

If possible, put your computers and gadgets in another room. Maybe it is psychological but the mere presence of these gadgets in my sleeping environment often stresses me out.

Eye Mask

I live in a rented apartment where the curtains do not block out the morning sunlight completely. Try wearing an eye mask to eliminate all kinds of light to make you fall asleep.

Deal with Smoke Smells

If you live with a neighbor or roommate who smokes, it can significantly affect your sleep quality. I used to think it was not an issue until I finally managed to get rid of that lingering smoke smell. My housemate still smokes 4 packs a day, but at least I got myself the best air purifier for smoke I could find.

No Coffee or Alcohol Before Bed

Caffeine and alcohol will both hurt your sleep quality. Try to cut them out at least four hours before bedtime.

Get a Nice Mattress

Having a nice mattress is essential. This is one of the most important investments in yourself you should make. Don't be stingy on this. Make sure you spend the time to research and buy the best mattress for your body.

Reading a Book

Reading a book tires your eyes which leads to sleepiness. Saving a particularly boring book for bedtime is also a great way to do this. Avoid racy novels that get you excited.

Use Essential Oil

Many suggested that essential oils help stimulate sleepiness. You can do aromatherapy or mix essential oil with water and spray on your bedsheets or pillowcases. Try using oils with lavender or chamomile.

Do Not Look at the Clock

Staring at the clock and seeing every second passes away will stress you. Listening to its sound is not at all pleasing.

Restful sleep is everybody's birthright. Unfortunately it gets stolen from many of us by the time we reach our teenage years. Hopefully the above tips will help you reclaim it.

Author's Bio: 

Janet Miller is a stand-up comedian who spends a lot of her time learning about human nature and what makes people do what they do.