Each of us has a past and we have a future. What we do with the life that we are given is up to us. Family beliefs mold our every being. But as we age, these beliefs become challenged and entangled in the many webs of our peers, co-workers, and our own mind. Our emotions are formed before age 7. During these early years we must learn to depend on and trust others for our survival and security. These basic emotions, which are formed so early in life, cause us to often question our trust of self or others as we face struggles in life. But life is not about blame or resentment. Life is meant to be lived according to unity and forgiveness. It is up to each of us to look deep within our own beliefs, our own soul and our own life to see the wonderful creation of self, of God, of family and of nature and take back what is rightfully ours – life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
In my own struggles, I have looked at many philosophies to find answers that I have been searching for. How does this work or why does this hurt? Why can I not make personal decisions for my own good but always help others with theirs? Why do I feel abandoned or spiritually inept? Why can’t we all just get along? Where is God in all of this?
I have come to realize that my own actions and attitudes have a great influence on my health. My beliefs have a tremendous impact on my actions and attitudes. How I view things is often the result of something that maybe I judged before knowing the whole truth.
Our soul stores all of our emotions, our traumas, our life’s memories and our desires. This is the basis for who we are, what we do and how we react to every circumstance that we face. In my attempt to understand how these emotions, attitudes, health issues and beliefs fit together, I had to understand that the place of measure for my own unity occurred when East meets West.
The Eastern philosophy examines this through the Indian knowledge of Chakras. They relate each of the major Chakras (energy systems) with our physical bodies Endocrine glands (adrenal, pituitary, etc). And with each of these glands, a meridian (Stomach, Pancreas, Liver, etc) from the Chinese medical philosophy is derived. And from each Chinese and Indian philosophy, as well as Kinesiology, Craniosacral and other Western alternative healing modalities, a muscle and emotion are associated. And from this, Western medical, nutrition and drugs arise. It may not happen in this order of course as each of us is different. One avenue that works well for one person may not fit another’s make-up. But many times, the aches, pains and trauma that we experience on any level may very well be traced back to our roots. Getting back to our roots is what America needs if we are to heal as a Nation.
Personal responsibility is at the forefront of this healing crisis. We have to be willing to look at how our emotions are triggered with certain events, and how they shape our lifestyle if we are to become aware of what our body is trying to tell us. Whether we admit our weaknesses and strengths, or whether we look at the current medications we are on and their effects towards our natural wellness, we have to understand that what lies below is seen from above. Becoming aware of our own body’s aches and pains can bring healing to a nation struggling to survive. Our physical must match our mental and our mental our emotional in order to appreciate life at the spiritual level.
America struggles with a health-care system regulated by government entitlements, laws and insurance companies that may not see the body as a whole. In recent years, our society has become overly dependent on these regulations to provide fast healing therapies and drugs that will allow us to live our lives “on the run”. The advance in technology has propelled us into thinking that if information arrives at my desk at gigabytes per second, I should be able to respond at that same speed. The human body does not work that quickly-it simply was not designed to do so. But we have allowed technology, as well as our desire to have everything and have it now, to rule our lives. Our adrenal glands are in a constant state of “hyper-activity”, never knowing “flight from fright” or “life from chaos”. This continued pace increases our chances of ailments and symptoms that propel the body into over-extension.
This can also be seen in our medical community. New drugs do not always receive the adequate testing necessary before being placed on the market at either government or society’s demands. Recent years have shown that what was once thought to be a miracle cure for many “diseases” are in fact more dangerous to us due to side effects. Some of these drugs have been pulled from the markets and law-suits are in high demand. We blame the doctors for prescribing what we asked for – something quick to soothe our pain.
Insurance companies often dictate the length of time that a doctor can spend with a patient. The industry seems to have become one of money vice care for the body as a whole. More drugs are being prescribed and we are paying the price, (monetarily and physically) as we struggle to keep up with the demand and stress we put on ourselves, our bodies and within our own society.
Television commercials are beginning to educate us on the fact that neither parents nor children have to buy illegal drugs off the streets. Many of the same kinds of drugs are present within our own medicine cabinet for one reason or another. As the body deteriorates (mentally, physically and spiritually) we find ourselves sitting in first one doctor’s office and then another, hoping that somewhere it will all make sense.
Doctor’s offices cannot keep pace with the forwarding of our patient records when specialty service requests are at a premium. Some of these requests are dictated by high malpractice insurance which again raises the price we pay for our healthcare. It is up to us to become responsible and intelligent about our body’s symptoms, the medicines we are taking and how we are possibly sabotaging our own lives with the lifestyle we are living.
Nutrition, we can throw that out the window. Prices for good food is too high considering the shape of our economy; life is too fast pace for us to sit down to good or nutritious meals even once or twice a week, and depression and other disorders are so high within our own country that we have become dependent on comfort food rather than caring about what might be good for us. Nutrition is at the forefront of solving some of our own healthcare crisis’s yet the availability and affordability of this information has become too complex or costly. Is it possible that some information is withheld because of the conflict of interests between our government and other lobbying groups and organizations?
We must become aware of our conditions and where they arise from before we can fix this problem. We cannot continue to blame others or expect the government to “fix” the problems of our own lives if we are not willing to accept some responsibility ourselves.
Emotions and beliefs build the foundation necessary to open to new possibilities and responsibilities for who we are and who we are meant to be. Each of us carries within us a caring, loving light for unity and forgiveness.
This is not easy. But it is a start. We don’t have to be rocket scientist to know that this country is in the midst of self-destruction. Nor do we have to be a chemist to understand that we need to treat ourselves better if we wish to have a better and longer life. We need to start somewhere and that somewhere begins at home, with each and every one of us.
In all of my findings I begin to realize the importance of vitamins to the body. Amino acids are basic building blocks to protein, the substance that powers the muscles, nerves and hormones for long lasting activity. As the body cannot produce all of the amino acids required, some of these amino acids must be obtained from diet such as green vegetables, lean meat, nuts, and omega-3/6/9. Basic building blocks of life are the very things missing in our environment today.
All vitamins are not the same. As with many of the synthetic pills on the market today, companies are putting “filler’s” into these products at low cost and selling them as vitamins of health. Some of these “fillers” are not easily broken down by our digestive system, our liver or any other organ of the body. If they cannot be broken down into nutrients, the body cannot use them to nourish our bones, nerves, muscles, etc. Our diet is creating grave damage to our digestive system and body. If we cannot digest the food, then it simply sits in wait and waste within our human body. If we are not digesting the physical food that we are eating, is it possible that we are not digesting the numerous events happening within our emotional state? Physical disease and ailment are often the last indication of imbalance within our emotional, spiritual and mental realms.
I am not a scientist, a chemist, or a doctor. But it is my desire to pass to you some of the knowledge that I have gained in my attempt to heal my own life and rid myself of the many medications once prescribed to me, some of which did me no good at all and some of which almost killed me.
Many of us live in fear, many of us live with grief and worry and many of us, due to varying circumstances, feel that the joy of life has faded. If we could all just “pause” for a deep breath, we could look at the many areas of our lives where demands could be shifted. Beginning at the foundation of our own survival system, I would say that many of us are running on nothing more than reserves. We truly are a “World in Chaos”. And the internal chaos is one that only we, as an individual, can solve. Our body is our body, our emotions are our emotions and our thoughts are our thoughts. If we are to help heal America, we must begin to take responsibility for our own actions and decide what we would like our lives to look like in the future.
I hope that you will receive this information as a gift to yourself and use what applies to you (and your beliefs) and disregard that which does not apply. I had to examine my own beliefs and upbringing to understand that some of this information was used long before the advent of Western medication to cure even simple ailments. I then had to sit with God and examine whether or not I thought the information was in his best interest or whether it might be teachings of the devil that I could not trust.
In my stillness I realized that God wants each of us to be happy and healthy. If such things as acupuncture, massage, yoga, nutrition or herbs are thought of as “energy moving” modalities developed within countries that did not reference God in the same manner as I did or you do, it is not my intent to offend you. Again, I simply ask that you review your own soul and determine what best suits your lifestyle. Open your heart to the idea that good health is in the hands of the beholder (you). Genesis Chapter 1 shows us that God placed on this earth everything that we would need to survive. Simple changes in our way of living (good sweaty activity, slower lifestyles, saying grace before sitting down to enjoy a meal) could go far into extending the life we live or the lives of the ones we love. Please read this article with an open heart and mind – I had to. But in the end, I do not believe that God would want us to rush thru this precious life he has given so that we miss out on the good things he has provided. God is a loving God and wants us to love each other as we love ourselves. I hope you’ll find something in here that will lead to whatever life you’ve always dreamed of and potential therapies that may serve your well-being. May happiness and peace be yours as you embark on the greatest journey of all – the idea that you can control your own destiny and health so that life, love and the pursuit of happiness are achieved.

God Bless,

Susan Dykes
Healing Gifts, LLC

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Healing Gifts, LLC began as one person's journey to help others understand the importance of their own role in this journey called life. I chose to look outside of the box when my own health began deteriorating to find clues to my inner soul. After many years of searching and guidance from angels on earth, I have come to realize that God lives within each of us. Living in South Carolina, I find that my travels are only one way in which God uses me as his disciple to help bring awareness to those searching for a better way. My gifts to you are to help you become aware of yourself through whole body wellness. Each day is a new beginning and one to be cherished. I wish each of you a life filled with abundance as we continue to find what it is that truly adds light to the world.