Botanical medicine, Medicinal Botany, Medical Herbalism, Herbal Medicine, Herbology, and Phytotherapy, in a layman's term are the analogue of Herbalism. It is a traditional or folk medicine practice that that used plants and plant extracts to abate certain disease. This is not a neophyte practice because studies suggest that they have been in existence since the pre historic times. People all across the globe have been using this method to cure their ailments. The specialized role of this medication emerged during the expansion of early tribal communities who acquired this knowledge by observing the animals who seek bitter plants to cure their illness.

The use of herbs for curing of the disease has been practiced by the non industrialised societies all over the world. The beginning of the twentieth century saw the domination in the practice of herbal medicine. India witnessed the emergence of the Ayurvedic system of medication. Ayurveda functions on the perception that there are medicinal properties in various materials like vegetables, animals and even minerals. The medicines made from these herbs have been used for many centuries now for the ailment of many kinds of diseases. Made from herbs alone or with combination of herbs and minerals they are useful in the maintenance of good health. Various process of purification is involved before these medicines are used. The Ayurvedic centers in Kerala are renowned all over the world. They specialize in all kinds of treatments be it health oriented or catering to beauty.

Though belonging to the era that passed with time, Ayurveda has still managed to exist and that too with much fervor. It has been recognized as a medical system of health care like other medical systems existing in India and has received a statutory. The Ayurvedic medicinal research has gained immmense popularity in the wester world as well. The presence of Institutes of Ayurvedic Research in USA and Europe are attestation of the fact.

Ayurvedic wisdom originated in the Vedas as a part of life and a way to achieve self realization. However, today the medicinal aspects have begun to take priority over the spiritual forms of healing. Medical focus have forced the ethereal aspects to take a back seat.

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