If you're like me you love firing up your backyard grill on those sunny summer days. Heck, I even use my BBQ year around up here in northern Canada! I just keep the snow cleared from deck with my snowblower and it's grillin and chillin time.

Nothing beats food on the grill, its tasty and if you use lean cuts of meat, chicken or fish, you will give your body the muscle building fuel to get lean and mean for summer.

Here are some tips to becoming the king of the grill:

1. Crank up the heat. Make sure you let your grill reach its maximum temperature. Light it up, close the lid and wait until the thermometer hits its max, usually around 500 degrees.

2. Grease your grill. To prevent sticking, oil your grill with some oil dabbed on a paper towel or spray your grill with pam before you light up. You don't want a mushroom cloud of flames coming from your backyard!

3. To grill the perfect steak to medium rare and get those awesome grill marks. Place steak on hot oiled grill pointing in 2 o'clock direction for 2 mins, then lift and turn to opposite angle of 10 o clock for another 2 mins. Then flip the steak and repeat the same, 2 mins, rotate, 2 more mins.

4. Don't cut into the steak to see if its done, this will let out the juices and dry out the meat. Follow these steps and your steak will cook perfectly every time.

5. Remove steak from the grill and let sit for 5 mins to allow the meat to absorb its own juices.

*Take advantage of the large cooking surface and fill it up with chicken breasts, kabobs and lean burgers so you have awesome meals for the next couple days!

Here is the BBQ I have and love it. It has burner plates which prevent flare-ups instead of charcoal or bricks. It's a Broil King, they make high quality grills.

Now get grilling!

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