I just read an article by Espie Chinel Aparis in the Mindano TImes from the Philippines. It caught my attention because the headline was “Be Gentle With Your Heart.” I’ve been reading lately that emotions can either support or harm your actual heart muscle, which I find fascinating. If someone has a “broken heart,” for example, they may experience actual heart problems as a result of their sadness. We all know that stress can hurt your heart, and joy can release hormones, such as endorphins, in our body which make us feel good. Now research is proving that these “happy” emotions can support heart health.

In the article, the author cites medical studies: One medical study included people with moderate to severe coronary problems, and the subjects were put into two groups. One group concentrated on lifestyle changes with no medication. They ate a healthy diet, gave up smoking, etc - all the obvious changes, with the addition of stress management. The second group just used medication with no lifestyle changes. As a result, the first group attained clearer arteries while the second group got worse and several even had heart attacks. In addition, the first group added laughter, faith in a power greater than themselves and practiced positive thinking and enjoyed life more.

The author gives her recommendations for a healthy heart: Fill your days with laughter - it’s free and relieves pain like aspirin. Practice relaxation, meditation and fill your home with beautiful soothing music. Create a home that is a safe haven full of warmth, beauty and peace.

Be kind to your heart!

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Patrice Cosier has a Masters Degree in Music and 30 years experience as a music educator, composer, performer and movement specialist. She taught K-8 music in Florida and California, and was a professor of Music History and Appreciation. She is certified in Orff Shulwerk, Yamaha Keyboard Methods and Feng Shui.
Noted for her experience in music and movement therapy, she has blended lullaby style and form with scientific relaxation techniques in her uniquely beautiful CD of original lullabies, "Good Night Lullabies."