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Thinking yourself thin is only one advantage!
June 9, 2009
A special message from Dr. John Spencer Ellis
Hello to you!

First, I want to thank you for being receptive to information that will allow you to take charge of your life. We all have the resources and ability to design our lives any way we choose. It has always been this way. Those who believe this, take action, and will achieve greatness. Those who think they have been dealt a losing hand, are disadvantaged, or somehow think they cannot change their circumstances, are the ones who really need to read the following information.
As part of my ongoing research in human potential, I recently had a phone conversation with Dr. Bruce Lipton. He is one of the world’s leading biologists, a cast member of The Compass, and the author of The Biology of Belief (a must read). Dr. Lipton and I discussed how we affect more than just our lives with our beliefs and interpretation of the world.

In summary……
The truth is that genetics give you a baseline for who you are at birth. However, your thoughts, environment, beliefs, values and your interpretation of environmental stimulus greatly affect the expression of your DNA. In return, your life is ultimately created by the expression of your genes. Proper expression of your genes allows you to feel better, become more of a person, and live your life to the fullest……… and, can even help you become thinner!

What is even more important is how your thoughts affect future generations. It’s all about “intergenerational transmission of consciousness.” What does this mean? It’s simple. You don’t just pass along eye color and hair color to your offspring. It’s also more than a transcendence of art or vocal skills. You actually transmit your consciousness to your children. As DNA is “conditioned” and “expressed” over time, it ultimately changes who you become. This “new science” is actually about 15 years old! Conventional science and medicine is slow to adopt – BIG SURPRISE!

When you produce an offspring, your enhanced DNA and way of perceiving the world is transmitted to your children. Eating right, managing stress, and sleeping well are important to the health and well-being of your baby. However, perhaps not any more important than how you interpret the world each day.
So, what is your responsibility? Your duty as a human is to have as many good and beneficial experiences as possible. You must surround yourself with people who ask more, demand more, and live more fulfilled lives. Why is this important? Because over time, people tend to take on the values and behaviors of those they encounter on a daily basis. This, in turn, expresses your DNA to make you a better person and gives your children a head start. You have the responsibility to continually educate yourself, respect your body, have strong family bonds, make a difference in the world, and experience gratitude for everything you have and want to have.

As you enhance your life and grow as a person, do it from the perspective of “success intelligence”. This is a phrase coined by Dr. Robert Holden. True success only comes from having clear intentions on your path to success. It’s about being true to yourself, and not getting caught up in the manic society that exists all around us. Understand what success means to you, and not what it means to the Jones’ down the street. If you are so busy keeping up with the Jones’………… you won’t have any time to enjoy their company.

Being wise on your path to unlimited success is a responsibility you carry for yourself and future generations. Use this knowledge as a guide to live your life at the highest level. Your children will thank you!

Thanks for your time!
Be well!
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