“God, I am ready to receive my tenant TODAY!” I was finally clear and eager to accept what my heart truly wanted. I wasn’t sure for a while. I got remarried last summer and had put my home up for sale at that time. But due to one foreclosure after another in our neighborhood and after months of watching the sales price drop on my home well below the amount I paid three years ago, I made a decision to rent it.

My decision didn’t come easily. I was so confused that I kept my home up for sale as well. I knew I didn’t want to let it go at a reduced price, but my fears about renting were a huge issue for me. Horror stories and warnings of tenants moving in and ultimately not paying their rent worried me. The fear of having someone who might not take care of my home only added more cause for concern. And the thought of not being able to cover my mortgage, insurance, property taxes, and home owners’ association fees with the monthly rent really haunted me. The rent that was recommended from one person after another was way below what I would need, and would only amount to a portion of my monthly expenses. I was gripped in fear. My head was playing too many games and shutting me down to what I wanted to receive. So I made a decision to heal my fear and asked the universe for help.

I wrote a letter to God. I set my intention and stated very clearly what I wanted in a tenant…someone who would love my home and take care of all the beautiful furnishings and plants that I had left in it, someone without pets, a non-smoker, a person who would take care of minor maintenance issues, and above all, a person who would pay a reasonable amount of rent. This last request was the most difficult. Over and over I heard people say, “Make sure you put the rent low enough so you’ll get someone in there. It’s better to have a little income than nothing at all.” My head wanted to agree with them, but my heart said, “No!” So, in spite of all the warnings swirling in my mind, I made a decision to listen to my heart and wrote a number in my letter that was $200-$300 more than most had suggested. I have a belief that my heart’s guidance is God speaking to me. And if my heart wanted a higher rent than others believed, I needed to release those fears and listen to God’s messages inside of me.

Gratitude was the next step in setting my intention for a wonderful tenant. I saw myself signing a contract and feeling elated with the person who had moved in to my home. I even created a lease agreement and just left the name blank, but gave thanks as I signed my own. I felt the joy flow throughout my body and celebrated the fact that it was done. As the days ticked by, however, I saw little seeds of doubt creep into my mind. But with each one, I took a deep look inside and got in touch with the negative beliefs that were shutting me down to receiving what I wanted. The toughest one to clear was the belief that said, “There’s no one ‘out there’ who could possibly afford my rent.” That’s when I asked God to help me heal my fear once again.

Immediately, I became aware of messages being sent my way by listening to people’s conversations, opening up a magazine to an article regarding renters in this economy, or turning on the television and hearing that credit was very hard to get and some people were opting to rent. With each message, I let go of the fears that haunted me. I got so clear that I called my realtor and asked her to add another $300 on top of the rental listing. I was now asking between $500 and $600 MORE than suggested!

“Do I really want to rent my home and deal with a tenant? Or do I want to sell and just let it go?” Those questions were finally resolved when an offer came in to buy my home…at $200,000 LESS than it would take to pay off my mortgage! That did it. My head finally aligned with my heart and I got totally clear. I took a stand for that letter I had written to God and woke up the next morning with clarity. That’s the day I exclaimed, “God, I am ready to receive my tenant TODAY!” And you know what, I did! My realtor sent me an e-mail that afternoon letting me know of a man who might be interested in renting. He showed up to look at my home that day!

I am thrilled to say that I have a new renter! He’s single, a non-smoker, doesn’t have any pets, and has already fixed a running toilet. He’s everything I asked for in a tenant. He loves a clean home and is very aware of being energy efficient. I make that last statement because he asked me to RAISE the rent so that all utilities would be included. I had no problem with this and tacked on another $500 to his monthly payment. Now here’s the truly amazing gift. During our negotiations, I learned that my new tenant loves to cook. As I mentioned, my home was furnished. There were a few minor things that were lacking, however, especially in the kitchen. It had a few dishes and pans, but needed to be fully functioning. In our final negotiations, this man offered to give me an extra $2,000 to finish setting up my home and the kitchen, and to cover any future utility overages that might occur in the next six months! WOW!

I have seen miracle after miracle in my life by listening to my heart and allowing it to be the guide. I have to say, however, that this experience is one of the most miraculous. I put my home up for rent in spite of my fear and confusion. I wrote a letter to God and asked for help, and then spent the next month clearing up my negative beliefs. Plus, I had to tune out all the bad news I heard from the people around me regarding our poor economy. I got my head and my heart in alignment and claimed what I truly wanted. And my tenant showed up! I am so grateful to the universe for supplying my needs! I had so many fears wrapped around my home. But by listening to the messages in my heart and claiming what I wanted, I was guided to release all of my fears, and received MORE than I had ever hoped for!

Miracles are here for everyone, including YOU! I invite you to listen to your heart. Allow it to be the guide. Go within and clear out any false beliefs that say “No!” to God’s messages inside of you. Celebrate that the universe is here for you, right now, and CLAIM WHAT YOU WANT!

Author's Bio: 

Terri Amos-Britt is the author of Message Sent and her recently completed book, The Enlightened Mom, as well as co-author of the bestseller, Wake Up Women. As a spiritual coach and motivational speaker, Terri shares her experiences as a wife, mom, step-mom, former Miss USA and television host, inspiring others to release the emotional chaos in their lives, creating lives of passion, purpose and love. Terri is the co-founder of the Enlightened Family Institute with her husband, Charlie Britt. Their mission is to bring hope and healing to individuals and families all over the world. For more information, please go to EnlightenedFamilyInstitute.com.