Colon health is a topic of lasting human interest and has been since antiquity. Colon health is a matter of life and death, but it is one of the most neglected areas of the body. It is not something most people pay no attention to, especially if none of their family members have suffered colon problems. Colon health is basically helping the healthy bacteria far outnumber the harmful bugs, and thats what you can do for colon health. How can a colon weighing 30 pounds (as many autopsy's find), be healthy. Colon therapists suggest that the typical American diet, which is low in fiber and high in red meat and other fatty foods, is a major contributor to this problem.


The importance of "regularity" to overall health has been greatly overestimated for thousands of years. Careful observations have shown that the bowel habits of healthy individuals can vary greatly. Thus, many illnesses can be caused by an unhealthy colon or can be prevented by maintaining a healthy colon. Incorporating the practice of annual cleansing and detoxification will not only help regain, but also maintain your health so that your later years are productive and joyful.


How do you know if you or your family needs cleansing and detoxification. The answer is : Everyone needs cleansing and detoxification at least once a year. Cleansing the digestive tract helps to assure that the body is digesting and absorbing the necessary amounts of nutrients for repairing and restoring proper tissue functions, tissue healing, and maintaining a healthy body in general. Cleansing the colon helps bring the acid-alkaline ratio back into balance, allowing friendly bacteria to thrive, while inhibiting disease-causing organisms.


As opposed to fasting, detoxification diets can be undertaken for extended periods. Detoxification is the process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins from thebody. The major detoxification therapy categoriesare: fasting, specific diets, vitamin therapy, colon therapy, chelation therapy, and hyperthermia. Some detoxification methods are potentially dangerous, with side effects ranging from dehydration to bowel perforation. Unsupervised detoxification should not be tried by anyone who is underweight, pregnant, recovering from substance abuse, nor by those suffering from diabetes mellitus, thyroid problems, or an eating disorder.

Herbal Colon Therapy

Today some alternative practitioners continue to use colonic irrigation as part of a basic detoxification program, though many prefer to recommend herbal laxatives in supplement form. Herbal colon therapy is the cornerstone of much of our treatment for bowel conditions in the same way that endonasal therapy is the cornerstone for the treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases. To the uninitiated it might seem that the most obvious reason for the herbal colonic treatment would be for correcting constipation. Although used for constipation, herbal colonic therapy is much more specific in mucous colitis, diverticulosis, various forms of idiopathic diarrheas and other conditions in which the bowel is irritated or overly sensitive. Natural colon cleansing involves taking a balanced diet and additionally, a few herbal supplements that help kill the harmful bacteria and in removing excess of toxins.


Fiber provides no nutrients to the body, but it does promote good health because it is very absorbent. Fiber adds roughage to the diet, and so Psyllium plays an important role in digestion and elimination, and can promote regularity and colon health. Ordinary constipation usually can be remedied by increasing the fiber content of the diet, drinking adequate amounts of water, and engaging in regular exercise.


The conclusion is that our health depends on the health of the colon. Therapists have come to the conclusion that colon therapy is not mysterious, is a useful adjunct to detoxification in a variety of illnesses in which the accumulation of toxins plays a major or contributory role to a person's ill health; therefore, washing the lining of the bowel is just as sensible as maintaining cleanliness in other parts of ourselves and, in the modern living environment, there is a tendency for the accumulation of toxins, increased constipation, increased concentration of the residue in the bowel because of a shortage of roughage in the diet; thus cleaning and irrigation is an advantage.

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Natural colon cleansing involves taking a balanced diet and additionally, a few herbal supplements that help kill the harmful bacteria and in removing excess of toxins. Find out more about Colon Health is a Matter of Life and Death.

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