This article not only applies to achieving your body shaping goals but it also shows how if affects your whole life. To make progress in the gym you have to focus on consistency.

No matter how good your current training program may be or how perfect a diet your have planned to follow, none it matters if your are not consistent in your training and nutrition habits. Consistency really is the key to lifelong fitness. A bad training program will alway outperform a good training program as long as someone remains consistent to the not so great training program.

This is because the longer you are consistent with your training the better you will become mentally and physically. The more years you train,( not weeks or months), the greater amount of experience you obtain.

As with anything in life, experience is the greatest teacher. With experience usually comes knowledge or wisdom. This is the ability to relate to or handle certain situations. In terms of training, you will run into times when your training is not going well, you feel unmotivated, or even worse, you get injured.

These are the times when experience really pays off. Unlike the over enthusiastic beginner who usually tries to tough out these situations, ignoring their bodies signs of over training or shear pain. Sometimes "biting the bullet" and relying on your previous experience is the best bet. It might not be the quickest solution but in the long term it is the best decision to continue longevity in your training.

Always realize that no matter how much experience and knowledge you think you might have, never think you know it all. Be open to learning to new things inside as well as outside the gym and you will be a better person for it...

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