The nineties are gone and the millennium is here. Are you doing the dream? Are you keeping the vows you made to yourself? If not, it's time. Of course, anyone who has ever tried to succeed knows that doing so is easier on paper than it is in practice. Countless delays and confounding details guard the gate of greatness preventing our entry. Yet despite opposition our potential remains. It prods us at night and provokes us from a nap, saying, "You can do better than this."
Unfortunately, however, many of us ignore its voice and renounce our vision. We spend our lives helping others fulfill theirs instead. We do for them what we are unwilling to do for ourselves – believe in our own greatness. Some of us have good reasons for neglecting our dreams. Marriage can distract and divorce can crush. Even so, our potential remains. It acknowledges our reasons but rejects them.
Admiration of others and frustration with ourselves is its way of saying, "You can do better than this." That's why we must challenge ourselves. Friends can encourage and others can inspire but ultimately we must be willing to pursue our dreams. Else, we make life unfair and ourselves seem feebler than we are. Worst of all we live defeated.
What if our employers had been as timid? What if homebuilders and childcare providers had been afraid to open their doors? Where would we live and work? Who would keep our children? Instead of exalting our fears we should consider these facts. Everything, after all, begins with a dream, which, fear denies and failure frustrates. But that's where faith helps and counsel strengthens. The key, however, is to do the dream, to not let life pass and death swallow before we do. So, let this be the year that you do the dream.

Author's Bio: 

A former trainer with the Dun and Bradstreet Corporation, Joel has over 20 years of sales and management experience. He has also authored thirteen books including, Journey Toward Greatness and For Dreamers Only. He currently lectures in the philosophy department at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.