Sally came to me after several cancer operations; the most recent operation was for liver cancer. Test results a few months after this operation were not encouraging. A quick geopathic stress test of her home revealed extremely high levels of geopathic stress. Further research revealed a mobile telephone mast in close vicinity.

We took steps to “neutralized” the geopathic stress with “energy vitalizers”. The next cancer test results after the installation of the energy vitalizers were negative and she remains cancer free to date!

Geopathic stress is a natural energy which has been known to man for thousands of years but is largely ignored today in our so called modern world. In spite of the fact that it’s harmful effects have been known to ancient tribes who would avoid building homes on geopathic stress lines, geopathic stress is still a little known and much misunderstood phenomenon.

As a professional dowser, I have researched and neutralized the effects of geopathic stress for nearly 20 years now. Long term exposure to geopathic stress causes harm to human organisms and also most animals. I say most, because some animals seem to like geopathic stress. Cats for example seek out geopathically stressed areas. Ant runs are always on geopathic stress lines. Ancient tribes knew about geopathic stress and would avoid building their homes on geopathic stress lines. It is also well recognized in feng shui practices, and a feng shui practitioner will always seek to eliminate it.

There are plenty of studies linking geopathic stress to chronic complaints like arthritis, asthma and anxiety as well as illnesses like cancer and the like. Some studies show that in over 95% of tested cancer patients, geopathic stress was present. Buildings affected by geopathic stress often have persistent problems with dampness which cannot be cured. Electric problems, like light bulbs blowing out regularly are also a common problem in geopathically stressed buildings.

People living and working in these buildings often suffer ill health, feel tired and depressed. There seem to always be problems or complications in all areas of life.

I have also found that increased geopathic stress accounts for higher accident rates in these areas and is also possibly a contributing factor to road rage incidents. Incidentally, increased aggression is often a first sign of its presence.

Dr. Ernst Hartman first discovered direct correlations between emotional and physical problems and the crossing points of geopathic stress lines, which are also called Hartman grid lines. Since then, many studies (and my own work confirms this) show clear evidence of the dangers of geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress can be tested remotely anywhere in the world by an experienced dowser. Places that tested weak for geopathic stress, or even had none previously, are now showing unacceptable levels in many instances. The reasons are not entirely clear yet. Weather may be a factor.

However, in my opinion the biggest problem is the density of new construction and the continuous increase in the use of electronic equipment, something of which we are all guilty. Who does not use a computer in their homes and offices these days? We all have a cell phone and use wireless telephones in the house.

The growing problem in offices with absenteeism due to sickness, stressed workforces, new superbugs and the increase of depression demonstrate the point.

==> EMF Energies Impact on Finances

In my work, I have also found evidence that geopathic stress and electro magnetic field emissions have a direct effect on our finances too. This is hardly surprising.

Geopathic stress and EMF affect the way the brain works. The energies interfere with the normal frequency emitted by the brain, lowering the energetic out put. The brain is on persistent alert fighting against the geopathic stress and EMF energies to maintain its normal function.

Long term exposure to either geopathic stress and/or EMF weakens us mentally due to the persistent pressure it puts on body and mind. This can cause anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia and depression initially, and can lead to physical illness. Body and mind simply are not given the time necessary to recuperate from the constant onslaught of these harmful energies. In order to create prosperity, you need to feel mentally and physically well and relaxed.

The natural state of the mind is a state of clarity; it is free from obstruction. The clear mind is calm, peaceful and open to everything free from judgement and limiting moods.

Unfortunately, in our modern world, there are many factors that contribute to clouding up our minds and thus our ability to manifest.

If you suspect that you are living and working in a geopathically stressed environment, you can have your premises tested. Once you have established that geopathic stress is a problem there are a number of ways to deal with it. The best and easiest way to deal with geopathic stress is by placing a high quality energy vitalizer in your home or office.

Energy vitalizers use universal energy to improve the vibration in your surroundings. They run without electricity. Once placed, you do not need to worry about either geopathic stress or EMF any more, apart from having the place checked occasionally. You will feel a noticeable difference within days to your well being.

Companies which have installed energy vitalizers have reported drops in absenteeism up to 25 percent. These are impressive numbers. Imagine if you could raise your productivity just by 10 percent. This would mean that you would gain two hours per day. Imagine how you could make use of this extra time.

I consider energy vitalizers to be a very important part of one’s prosperity program. They will make you feel better and will automatically remove a number of mental blocks which may presently be clogging your abundance channels. This happens simply, because you are elevating the vibrational energy flow in your environment, and this, in turn helps to raise the energy flow in your body.

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Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is an experienced human development coach, EFT practitioner, REIKI master and energy therapist. She has studied NLP, HUNA and Buddhism in depth. Based in the United Kingdom, she works with clients internationally and carefully tracks the USA and international financial markets. She is the author of "Cure Your Financial Problems for Good", "Five Minutes to Financial Freedom", and "Solve Problems in Minutes Anywhere" - available through And she is a contributing author to Holistic Expressions ezine, a ezine.