Have you ever considered the gifts you bring to others? Most of us didn’t grow up thinking about our gifts, and still don’t. Yes, if you were a great athlete, your talents were most likely lauded as a gift. The same goes with kids who were good students. However, I’m talking about the gifts you bring to others that touch them in the deepest parts of their souls. You probably don’t recognize those gifts. Most of us don’t.

I have an uncle who I greatly adore. The thought of Uncle Mikie always brings a smile to my face. I’ll never forget him babysitting me as a kid. He was about nine years older than I. Plates piled high with French fries, laughter, and fun are what I remember most.

He’s still that guy with a sparkle in his eye and a heart as big as the universe. However, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that he finally began to realize that he does indeed have a gift. That’s when he had a massive stroke.

Uncle Mike’s stroke changed his life. He had spent years working, just trying to get ahead, never realizing what a gift he is. I tried to tell him some years ago, as I could see he was depressed. I told him how much he meant to me and how his life had made a difference in mine, just by being who he is. I told him how much I loved him. How we all did.

It wasn’t long after that conversation that Uncle Mike’s stroke shook his world and turned it around. You wouldn’t think of a stroke as “turning around” someone’s life. You might think of it as turning someone’s world “upside down,” but not around. But for Uncle Mike, his stroke was a gift. He finally discovered who he is.

For 15 months, Uncle Mike lived in a rehabilitation home learning to walk again. Not only did his physical being begin to heal, but also his feelings about himself. As the days and months passed, he soon realized he had a gift for helping his fellow patients and staff. Uncle Mike’s kindness, compassion, and ability to uplift them made him loved by all.

Now, in his mid-50’s, Uncle Mike is finally honoring his gifts. He’s going to college for the first time in his life with a cane in his hand and a smile on his face so that he might be of service in helping others heal.

I am so thankful that Uncle Mike is on this journey. He is such an inspiration to our whole family and to every life he touches. But he’s always been like that…he just didn’t know it.

Most people don’t truly know what they bring to the table of life. Instead, they think about what they DON’T have, such as a better figure, greater looks, more money, a nicer home….you know what I mean. I’m not talking about those things you want to achieve. I’m talking about your core and the way you were created. What gift do you bring to others? Take a look at your life. When looked at closely, you’ll see a ribbon that runs through it telling you about your gifts. Look back through the years with loving eyes and see how you’ve touched others. Do you have a big heart? Are you a good friend? Or are you simply someone who brings light and laughter to a room? I invite you to dive deep within and take a good look. And as you do, I know you’ll find the gift that is you.

Author's Bio: 

Terri Amos-Britt is the author of "Message Sent" and her recently completed book, "The Enlightened Mom," as well as co-author of the bestseller, "Wake Up Women." As a spiritual coach and motivational speaker, Terri shares her experiences as a wife, mom, step-mom, former Miss USA and television host, inspiring others to release the emotional chaos in their lives, creating lives of passion, purpose and love. Terri is the co-founder of the Enlightened Family Institute with her husband, Charlie Britt. Their mission is to bring hope and healing to individuals and families all over the world. For more information, please go to EnlightenedFamilyInstitute.com.