There is something to be said for a diabetes natural treatment. Why is a natural treatment so important? My concern is about how drugs interact with the body and other drugs in the body. And while taking some herb or natural remedy can have a negative interaction just like a medication, I have not heard of any.

With medicines I cannot make that same claim. For me and maybe you as well natural remedies seem safer. As part of my diabetes treatment I want something that is natural.

Eating consciously and exercising are two strong suits that make up a solid natural diabetes treatment.

There are also some herbs that are worth their weight in sugar, I mean gold, that can address your blood sugar and create a safer blood sugar level for you.

Here are a few herbs that are good natural treatments for diabetes.

One of my favorite herbs is Cinnamon because of its many uses and variety of benefits. Cinnamon improves the digestion of fruits, milk, and other dairy products.
Cinnamon is also good for bloating, gas, poor digestion, arthritis, anemia, painful menstrual periods, and diarrhea.

A human study published in Diabetes Care looked at 60 people with type 2 diabetes, 30 men and 30 women with an average age of 52. The researchers concluded that "The results of this study… suggest that the inclusion of cinnamon in the diet of people with type 2 diabetes will reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases."

I like eating Cinnamon in a few different ways. Hmm good on a sliced piece of apple. In apple sauce, on a piece of toast or in some oatmeal. One way I love in taking the herb is in tea. No need to add sugar, just have the tea. This is a delight.

While helping the body maintain weight management chromium is a trace mineral that plays a significant role in helping the body respond to insulin. Also found in
Diabetes Care a study confirmed significant progress in insulin sensitivity with chromium present in the body. Interestingly enough studies have revealed that people with diabetes had low levels of chromium. One suggestion is that chromium picolinate is not recommended.

Another effective natural diabetes treatment is North American Ginseng. One of the hallmarks of diagnosing type 2 diabetes is a positive result on the glucose tolerance test, an elevation in blood sugar level two hours after ingesting a dose of glucose. How does your glucose level respond two hours after eating is the key question? In their analysis, the researchers found that subjects receiving a 3g dose of ginseng had a blood sugar level that was 59.1% less than subjects who had received the placebo treatment. Hey I like this ginseng. What about you?

Magnesium has proven to be an asset to the body for a quite a few reasons. This trace mineral found in nuts, seeds, whole grains and green leafy vegetables and many nutritional supplements is ideal for helping regulate blood sugar levels. Low magnesium levels may deteriorate blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes. This one diabetes natural treatment also helps with blood pressure, nerve and muscle function.

When considering using any of these natural diabetes treatments it would be wise for you to consult with your primary care provider. You want to be safe.

As part of your thorough diabetes treatment using herbs is one of the areas that will help you acquire power over this disease. Having a well rounded program that touches on all the areas of concern about the ailment that includes diet, foods not to eat and exercise will help in your quest for control of this potent illness as well.

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