Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal remedies have been used to treat almost all kinds of diseases and symptoms for thousands of years ago. This method of healing is still being used in China and parts of Asia today. The study of TCM takes years to cultivate and can be pretty complex because of the intricacies of the several principles behind it. What is also critical is the concept of energy flow or “qi” within your body.

TCM herbal remedies are divided into 5 different seasons; including fall, winter, spring, summer and late summer. According to the principles that are followed here, the universal energy is at its highest during the summer and herbs are most abundant in the late summer.

You view all foods from an energy perspective. Of course, food also provides nutrition, vitamins and calories, but it is the energy that is studied here. Apparently, each food vibrates at a specific energy frequency that corresponds to a specific organ. These energies know how to thrive in specific seasons, which corresponds with a specific organ. Thus, some foods can be used as herbal remedies which can help increase or decrease your vital energy. For example, sunflower causes energy to rise, while a plant's root causes energy to flow downwards.

While TCM also regards food as having healing energies, herbs are the ones that used to dramatically help increase the energy within these foods. Many foods and herbs are often mixed together and cooked for hours. Although there is no nutritional value left in the foods or herbs, it is the drink that contains the energy that is required to treat your various conditions.

Here, it is believed that the universe has provided us with a powerful, natural way in which to maintain good health. In TCM, various factors that contribute to your body being out of harmony are examined so that a permanent solution to the issue can be found. It is believed that this is much better than just treating the symptoms.

Hence, TCM herbal remedies can be used not only for your relief from physical and mental symptoms; in many cases, they are also cures. Essentially, they help to improve your energy flow and rebalance your body. You can benefit a lot from this system of holistic healing with deriving complete harmony and attaining overall health and wellness.

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