Actions speak louder than words. If you want your message to ring loud and clear, you should consider being seen just as much as being heard. More than just getting funds for your cause, postcard printing goes a long way in helping you spread awareness about your advocacy.

These easy to handle postcards are perfect for direct-mail-marketing to your prospect donors or volunteers. It is inexpensive to print and very manageable to mail, simply work with your printer to work out the mailing solutions. So whether you’re building up a fundraiser in your community or putting together a nationwide campaign, you can count on postcards to getting your message listened to.

Here are a few tips on conceptualizing your postcard theme, design, and text:

1. Start with a Powerful Photo

Postcards are mailed without an envelope so the first thing your recipient will see is the full colored face. Use an interesting photograph that will pique the interest of the viewer. As a general rule, photographs with people in them captures human interest better than other graphics, and pictures of children and babies are particularly powerful.

2. Work the Caption

Captions in general should contain between one to thirteen words. Anything beyond thirteen may look too complicated and laborious to read. You can simply cut short the caption and use the rest of it as a subhead. Short captions stick better, but longer captions tend to be more convincing.

3. Tell stories.

Weave your message contextualizing it through statistics, but also individualize these numbers by giving the persons behind it a name and a story. This makes the impact of your advocacy clear to the minds of the readers. You can use the front of the postcard to show a photograph that make your story even more forceful and will put a face to the name.

4. Point to a Solution.

Although you start your postcard with contextualizing a problem, you should take a proactive approach and focus on hope and solutions. Focus on using sympathy for more productive means. Showing your audience that such a problem is avoidable poises them to be in a helping mode rather than simply depressed.

5. Be clear and specific with what you need.

Set a goal you want to attain and what the recipient can do to help you attain your goal. Be sure you set the goal in quantifiable or measurable terms. You can make suggestions as to what kind of service you would want from the recipient but also give them alternatives in case they can’t comply with your request.

6. Invite them to Share the Message.

People are very social beings. They become more convinced when they have other people to share their convictions with. Asking people to talk about the advocacy with other people and brainstorming ideas is a good way to develop a helping community spirit.

Check an online printing company for the standard rates of postcard printing. You will be surprised at how cheaply these cards can be printed with bigger volumes. Ask them about their mailing program as well as it can go a long way in making direct-mail-marketing easier for you.

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