One of the things you always hear people ask is, “Why is God doing this to me (or my friend, or my mother or my boyfriend)?" They love people, they love God, they are good, they are (fill in amazing qualities here)! In other words, I am ‘good’, why are ‘bad’ things happening? If God is ‘good’, why is God being ‘bad’ to me?

Your soul brings you the experiences you need in order to fortify your connection to God. Your soul wants to grow, it wants to create and serve. Life’s events are openings for this to occur. The experiences you, or your mother or your friend, live through are opportunities for the soul to strengthen. Your soul does not see sickness as bad, if that sickness brings you closer to God. God does not see a car wreck as bad, if that car wreck inspires you to transform. The soul does not see even death as bad, if it is a necessary step for the soul’s journey to its next level. How can spiritual growth be bad? It cannot.

Therefore, if we want to take something ‘bad’ and turn it into something ‘good’, then we take ‘bad’ life and use it to be better, to be stronger, to do more, to be more. If we aren’t sure where to begin our work around this, we can begin by asking. We can ask ourselves, “What traits do I need to develop in order to effectively deal with this?” The lack of these traits might be why you are experiencing the situation. We can ask the universe, “What is the purpose of this? How can I bring it meaning?” Continue to ask, keep a watch, and life will show you where you can make your next personal growth action plan.

Amidst negativity, if we do not take the opportunity for transformation, that is when we have true tragedy. Remember, within every hardship there is a blessing. We must choose to bring this deeper meaning to our experiences and choose to change for the better through them, allowing good to prevail every time.

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