I view all of nature as an expression of Divine Source, of God. Nature, unlike a human with ego and painbody, is inherently balanced. When we accept the intelligence within nature, we can receive accurate guidance about almost anything that exists. An example is muscle testing to determine what’s beneficial or detrimental to a human body – an expression of nature. Various practitioners have used this successfully for decades because the body automatically expresses, through weak or strong muscle responses, what serves it best.

Decades of kinesiology research have also proven, astonishingly, that muscle responses can determine truth about almost any subject when the question and intent are appropriate! David Hawkin’s book, Power vs Force, explains this clearly. Machaelle Wright’s work at Perelandra uses similar principles in communicating directly with nature.

From her perspective, everything we see, hear, touch, taste, feel, do, and even think has a blueprint held within nature that we can access to receive helpful information. Muscle testing is one way, as is using a pendulum, IF you practice getting the ego and painbody out of the way. There are numerous books written on these subjects, and many, including me, train people on how to receive accurate guidance using these tools.

Asking appropriate questions is key to getting accurate answers. Whether you want to know what your body requires to move beyond current symptoms, or what/when/where/how to plant a bountiful garden, or to request that bees refrain from building nests by your doorways, or that ants leave your kitchen, or how to navigate a challenging relationship/job/project, a few guidelines are essential.

First, accept that everything in nature, and most human related things, including our bodies, relationships, businesses, projects, and even thoughts and feelings, have an energetic shape, a form. Nature IS form and for everything that exists in our world, nature holds the blueprint. Connecting with the “Deva” of whatever we are asking about connects us with the Nature Intelligence within that particular form. Connecting with our High Self at the same time, while releasing all fear of knowing the truth, gives us access to knowledge about that topic.

Accuracy is much easier if we seek yes/no answers to statements rather than to questions, such as, “This course of action serves me in having a healthy relationship” rather than, “Does this course of action serve me in having a healthy relationship?” Notice that my statement has no implied need, should, or supposed to – nor does it have any negative wording. “Not” doesn’t exist, so putting it in only confuses things.

Make statements in terms of what serves you or the highest good, or what is beneficial, or balanced, relative to what you desire, while avoiding any direct or implied sense of should, supposed to, need to, etc. Be clear about what you want, and for what purpose, and where you hope/think/feel/believe having that desire fulfilled will take you, then ask your questions relative to that purpose and direction.

For muscle testing and pendulum work, you necessarily ask yes/no questions, so start with the bigger picture and then get specific. For example, before asking if it serves you to plant spinach in this row of the garden, ask if it serves you to have the garden in this location, and if it serves you to plant spinach in it, and if so, then find out about the actual placement of spinach in that garden.

Though there are other considerations for receiving accurate guidance, this is enough to get you started. Enjoy!

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Louisa is an Ordained Metaphysical Counselor/Coach with a Masters in Holistic Psychology and 20+ years diverse clinical experience. She has published two books, counsels nationally, and is the cocreator of The WOW Process (www.thewowprocess.com) - InterActive Meditation that uses Presence to transform the painbody and ego and allow us to choose anew. Feel free to contact her for counseling or WOW Processing.