Occasionally one of my patients will learn from a blood test that they have contracted Hepatitis C, a “new” disease, barely 20 years old since it was first identified. They often react with surprise and alarm and find themselves completely in the dark about how they got it.

Some people even feel ashamed of having such an infection possibly because it is associated with the use of dirty needles that are shared among users of illicit drugs such as cocaine and meth-amphetamine, or from getting a tattoo at a sleazy tattoo parlor that does not follow proper sterilization procedures.

There are numerous other ways to contract Hep C that are far more socially acceptable. Many people picked it up from transfusions of infected blood, as the virus was not isolated until 1989. You can also pick up Hep C by sharing personal grooming items such as nail clippers, razors or even a tooth brush. But no matter how you contract it, you still wind up with Hep C, a life-threatening condition. What do you do now?

People with Hep C may eventually experience a panoply of side effects ranging from a flu-like syndrome to severe symptoms that can include anemia, heart issues and emotional issues such as suicide or thinking about suicide. If permitted to develop unchecked, Hep C can progress to scarring of the liver (fibrosis), and advanced scarring (cirrhosis). Those with cirrhosis may develop liver failure or other complications of cirrhosis, such as liver cancer.

I recommend that my patients immediately start my basic Four Step Natural Cures Program to fully detoxify their body, organ-by-precious-organ, while also making the transition to a Natural Cures lifestyle, so that they can restore their vitality and well being at the same time as they boost their body’s immune system.

Conventional medical practitioners often prescribe pharmaceutical drugs based on interferon in an attempt to eradicate the Hep C virus. Whether or not these drugs work depends on a variety of factors, including the patient’s health history, immune condition and the particular strain of virus involved. Drug therapy is most effective with people who are treated within six months of becoming infected, but most of my patients have had the condition for decades already.

For some, a Natural Cures approach can be highly effective in restoring vitality and health. Fortunately, in sharp contrast to the pharmaceutical approach, the immediate side effects of natural cure remedies for Hep C include significant improvements in vitality and activity levels, mood state, and general quality of life.

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Dr. James Chappell is known for his work with chronic, severe and supposedly terminally-ill people. His website provides clear self-help tools to enable people to take care of their health using natural means, no matter how sick they are: www.drjims-natural-cures.com
His approach to Hepatitis C is at: www.drjims-natural-cures.com/curing-hepatitis-c.html