Exercise machines are useful for improving cardiovascular and respiratory capacity and increasing stamina and strength. More than ever before, people from all walks of life and at all levels of fitness are committing to better health and well-being with the help of home exercise machines such as ellipticals. This surging health consciousness has resulted in a boom in the availability of fitness exercise machines. This is great because the more convenient it is for you to exercise, the more likely you are to continue a fitness program.

There are many different cardio machines on the market and as there are machines in all price ranges there is bound to be something to suit most people. Cardio machines are also very good for people who are recovering from injury as they will help to maintain fitness while ensuring that the muscles and limb movement are maintained in a controlled range eliminating the possibility of more injury.

Some good examples include treadmills, stationary bikes and eliptical machines. Top quality machines have up to 20 different programs to keep you motivated. For elderly people cardio machines are excellent for fitness and the health of their lungs and heart. The basic machines included in the home fitness equipment division are elliptical trainers, powered treadmills, home gyms, stepping machines, stair climbers, airstriders, mini steppers & recumbant bikes.

Elliptical exercise machines

Few home gyms compare to an elliptical machine for a total body workout. Elliptical exercise machines are without a doubt the most popular "new" type of fitness equipment on the market. Elliptical exercise machines are exercise machines that a person uses to simulate the walking or running motions of their legs and feet without moving in space and with minimal impact on the joints of the feet and legs. And since elliptical exercise machines are fun to use, you are more likely to work out regularly. Elliptical exercise machines are hard to beat when it comes to improving cardiovascular health. If you ever had the chance to work out using elliptical exercise machines, you probably agree that these machines are fun and easy to use. This makes ellipticals the ideal aerobic workout machine for beginners and experts of all fitness levels.

Stair Stepper

A stair stepper is designed to replicate the motion of walking up a flight of stairs and provides an extremely effective cardiovascular workout while also targeting the upper and lower leg muscles; to the out-of-shape or those who are new to a stair stepper routine, however, a quick workout can be an exhausting, arduous experience. An electronic stair stepper is the type you will most likely find in a gym or health club; a motor regulates the movement of the steps, which results in a workout with lower impact on leg joints. The stair stepper is a weight bearing, low impact exercise machine designed for cardiovascular fitness. The stair stepper is an effective weight loss machine, but in a treadmill/stepper comparison it comes in second best.


Because the two most popular forms of exercise are running and walking, treadmills are designed to accommodate both. Treadmills are the #1 selling home fitness equipment and for three good reasons:

They provide the most effective overall aerobic exercise,
they are incredibly easy to use, and
they have become incredibly affordable.

Treadmills more closely simulate walking, jogging or running than the elliptical. And the best part is treadmills have acushioned surface much more forgiving than outside terrain, so exercisers can often go farther, faster and longer than if they were outdoors. Depending on the model you purchase, many treadmills offer different programs to vary your workout speed and level of difficulty. It's better to stay away from cheaper treadmills which lack the quality, stability, power and longevity of more expensive models.


Exercise Machines are great as they help you develop the correct range of motion and can ease you into your training routine if you're starting out. The reason many people believe exercise machines are helpful in combating stressful and depressive illnesses is because when you exercise vigorously for longer than 20 minutes, your body floods with endorphins. In addition to their use as training equipment, exercise machines are also a basic aid in motor re-education and rehabilitation programmes, complementing and enhancing the effects of a spa cure.

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